What’s in your ocean?

You call me out upon the waters The great unknown where feet may fail And there I find You in the mystery In oceans deep My faith will stand   Lately, I’ve been struggling with trying to grow closer to God, to focus on my relationship with Christ and not just with Jake. I’ve been […]

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Not So Great Influences

So this past Sunday was Valentine’s Day and all that jazz, whatever. The topic at youth group that evening was about dating, big shocker there right? Well, my pastor split us in pairs of two and handed us note cards with Bible verses or quotes on them. We were supposed to write down how we […]

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Being Lovers, Not Haters.

This past Saturday night, I was browsing through my Facebook feed while sitting all comfortably under my heated blanket. Normally, this isn’t a big deal, but then I came across a particular post from HONY. Humans Of New York is one of my favorite things to follow. I have read most, if not all, of […]

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