Just Happy to Be Here 

Existence is beautiful.  To feel.  To see.  To touch.  To hear.  To taste.  Beautiful.  I’ve been traveling. In the Pacific Northwest, if you like to be specific.  I’ve seen mountains, rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, and a few wild animals.  Amazing things. Breathtaking things. Awe inspiring things.  We may say “small world isn’t it?”  But it isn’t.  […]

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Faith or Facade?

Recently I have noticed a trend of Christians (I am using this term loosely) coming out of the woodwork who maintain this progressive, hippy, chic version of a life devoted to Christ.  It is a carefully developed facade, a sham that makes believers into trendy, easy-to-get-along-with, “enlightened” people whom non-believers approve of because of the “God-is-love-Christ-is-love-anything-goes” […]

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