Jesus Wouldn’t Vote 

“The ends justify the means.” 
I’ve heard this phrase before. This logic seems to make an appearance in times of war or in economic decisions in a business environment. 
We will drop the bomb, people will die, some bad, some good. But the bad people will die. So the action of dropping the bomb is justified due to the fact that the hoped for result will be achieved, bad people dying. The reality that innocent people die as well is not addressed because the importance of the “mean” or the action is nullified due to the “end” or result being fulfilled. 
We will lay off a dozen people to cut costs in order to insure a profit this quarter. A dozen people will be unexpectedly unemployed in a poor economic climate and may face all sorts of obstacles they are not prepared or equipped to deal with. This negative reality brought on by the “mean” or action will be labeled a “necessary cost” and will be brushed over. Once again the negative consequences of the “mean” are ignored due to the desired end result being realized. 
This logic has influenced every aspect of American life. 
Perhaps the most important area of life that this logic has gotten a foothold in is Christian theology. 
The combination of consumerism and a poor understanding of the “ends and means” has crippled Christianity. 
A message intended to radically change human existence has become nothing more than another product on the market. 
Jesus has been reduced from divine to product, from perfection to the clearance rack. 
This idea is fully captured in the emergence of Donald Trump. 
This fall many “evangelical” and “born again” Christians will walk into a voting booth and cast a ballot for Donald Trump, the reality television star. 
Because they believe the ends justify the means.  
Our desired ends are religious freedom, economic success, and national security. 
Three things Jesus never had. 
A homeless man, living in a nation occupied by a foreign super power, who was eventually executed for radical beliefs. 
Yet we are convinced God desires for America to be a country with strong walls (literally) and enough freedom and beer to keep everyone (on the inside) happy until judgment day.  
The ends never justify the means. 
Life is less about the end destination and much more about the journey there. 
In reality all that matters is the “means”.  
You are your means. The things that you do create your identity. The way that you choose to exist, is just that, your existence. 
You are not defined by where you end up. 
You are defined by how you get there. 
You are your journey. 
A runner in a race is not awarded first place for simply arriving at the finish line. They are awarded a place due to the manner in which they run the race. 
What happens in between the starting gun and the finish line is what determines the place. 
I have seen and heard people who claim to follow Jesus say things like this, 
“Donald isn’t a good guy, but he’s the best option.” 
“I don’t like him, but he will protect us” 
“He is the best shot at protecting our religious freedom and making sure my grandchildren can go to church and have guns.” 
These statements don’t ring with the authority of Jesus. Rather they have a faint cry to them, a sound of fallen morality. The sound of bargaining and acceptance. 
Christianity has never been about protection of rights. 
Jesus and his original followers had almost no rights. 
Jesus didn’t own property or weapons. Jesus didn’t build walls to keep people out, dangerous or not. Jesus didn’t have a semper fi tattoo on his right arm. Jesus didn’t speak English or quote the constitution. 
Jesus was a poor middle eastern man. Jesus looked more like Osama Bin laden then He did Chris Hemsworth. Jesus was homeless and dirty. Jesus was chased from town to town.  Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Jesus healed the men that came to arrest him. Jesus walked quietly to his own execution. No shots were fired. No lines drawn In the sand. 
Jesus ended perfect, because he lived for the means. 
My challenge is this, to Christians, to the church, to my friends and family, please ask yourself this simple question. 
Would Jesus stand with Donald? 
If the answer is anything other than yes, your answer to Donald should be no. 
Don’t make America great again. 
Make Jesus great again


16 thoughts on “Jesus Wouldn’t Vote 

  1. Good stuff! I don’t like Trump or Hillary. But somehow I feel the need to vote. I confess I don’t know what to do to glorify Jesus. They say not voting will land him in office, but the democratic choice seems pretty dishonest 😔

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  2. God, according to the Apostle Paul has established government to protect its people and secure justice for the victim and swift punishment for the law breaker and murderers.

    One day King Jesus will rule and reign and He will provide for the common good and law breakers will be punished. Jesus did not come to show us what government looks like. He came to fulfill all the requirements of the law and take upon Himself the penalty for breaking the law that was due all of us sinful people. On the cross He said It is finished. Debt paid in full. There is no shame or blame. The argument of what would Jesus do is totally irrelevant. Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Every person should consider the purpose of government and see how close they can get to achieving it in the candidate running for office. I don’t believe the government was supposed to meet all my needs. I want to be able to decide where my hard earned money should go. I think it is unfair for the state, as other countries do, require me to support everybody else and leave me 10-20% to live on. I want my children and the children of the those who share the responsibility of citizens to have first choice of schools. I don’t think it is fair to prefer aliens who have not bothered to go through the proper channels for citizenship to have first consideration in school enrollment and allow voter rights. I want all other countries to know we are a force to be reckoned with. If another country or group threatens to kill us I want my government to be the first at their door to knock sense into them. I want my country to establish rule of law and keep it. I want lawlessness to be swiftly punished and respect given to those who uphold and enforce the law. Our soldiers and police should be given the edge to protect themselves and our citizens. There is an evil spirit of division and divisiveness and entitlement that brings out the worst in everyone and that’s what needs a slap down not what I see you struggling with.

    Amazing in Jesus

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate you taking the time. There are many statements in your comment that I disagree with and can only see as “anti-Jesus.” I am tempted to take time to refute each one but I cannot see how that would be of benefit. If you want to make the statement “what Jesus would do is irrelevant” we are clearly in two very different places. Once again, thank you for reading I do not mean to personally attack you and I hope that my words do not come across as mean spirited.

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      1. Not at all mean spirited. You are quite gentlemanly but I would be interested in where my position was anti Jesus. That is farthest from my heart. I believe we are blessed with the ability to vote for our leaders and once I voted purely for the leader that said he was a born again Christian. He was very pursuasive but I believe he managed his role very poorly. The Bible clearly says God establishes government and raises and removes government leaders. My longing and prayer is for revival worldwide. I pray our leaders and all in authority have a true come to Jesus moment. I pray our pastors become devoted, humble, passionate for the gospel and THE WORD shepherds of the Body. I pray the Holy Spirit unite us as one in heart and mind and submission to our Head. We are all told we have the mind of Christ and to put on the mind of Christ but we as a diverse community might approach the issues and platforms from a totally different perspective and draw totally different conclusions. Does that mean we are not submitting to the Lordship of Christ? The Lord leads us in to love and whatever is not of love and faith is sin. As Paul says let each one be fully pursuaded in his own mind. There is a lot of latitude when we are under the law of love.


      2. I’m glad it was received that way! My fear in disagreements is that they turn to hate. As my main goal is to be loving I hesitate to engage in a discussion of differences if I am uncertain they can remain loving. I can see quite clearly that you have a deep love for Jesus and that is the core of who you are. So I do not mean that you are actively living against him. However in your original comment I see a couple of ideas that I cannot see Jesus holding. You talked about wanting your money to go where you want it to. A very fair idea as a person. However Jesus certainly did not view money as something we “have” rather something we “borrow” Jesus says “give to caesar what is ceasers” I believe that is more about money as a whole then it is about taxes. The Jesus was has no time for earthly wealth. Secondly the statement about aliens not coming in legally being treated above yourself, again something that logically is fair. But no something Jesus would consider important. “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.” Do terrible people come in and take advantage of American tax payers? Yes. But also orphans, widows, and families who have had their towns destroyed and loved ones killed by Isis. I do not see Jesus asking them to wait in line. I see Jesus giving anything he had to raise them up. Ideas like “The first will be last” and the “greatest calling being servanthood” support the idea that Jesus would put illegal aliens in need of help above himself. Thir

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      3. Sorry posted on accented before I was done. Lastly, your comment about the threat of foreign nations. What did Jesus do when threatened with violence? He healed the ear of the man arresting him. He then walked quietly to his own execution. Here American Christianity has made Jesus out to be more of a “warrior”. He was not. If anything he was a pacifist. His early followers were executed in horrific ways. Without resisting. No battles fought. No enemies killed. As a follower of Jesus we have to accept the reality that it is better for us that know Jesus to be killed than it is for those that don’t know Jesus to be killed. Our eternity is secure. There’s is not. To kill someone that does not know “the way” is the ultimate act of hate.


      4. There are many ways to approach the issue if need. Supporting Christian organizations who are already present or able to assist refugees that are fleeing to surrounding countries enables those afflicted to be supported close to their homes, which I understand they prefer, and at the same time lessen the burden opening the floodgates without providing enough time to adequately screen. The Lord clearly banned the nation of Israel from making aliances with neighboring countries because they would become a snare by bringing in their foreign gods. Then one neighbor not wanting to be destroyed disguised themselves as far distant admirers of the God of Israel and cane to make an alliance with them. It all looked good. Clothes old and worn from the the “long” trip over and stale bread. What more proof did they need? So they rushed into a contract with their neighbors and God was never consulted. All to say, what’s the rush? Can side be given and compassion not diminished by looking for viable alternatives. Also, I believe everthing I have came from the hand of God. He has given me clear direction to give generously but should I be required to give God’s resources to support planned parenthood and the institute of the arts which displays profanity and insults and degrades my God and symbols of my faith? Should my tax dollar support sex education and supply condoms for children in the public schools?


      5. Actually Jesus taught a lot about wealth and being smart with finances. But as for helping the poor refugees I believe most prefer not to be displaced but rather stay in their own countries or those close by. I totally support investing in the efforts of out reaching Christian organizations that are already there to supply needs like the 700 club or Doctor without borders or those reaching our to Christian martyrs.
        Also I prefer not supporting with my tax dollars Planned Parenthood, sex education for my early elementary aged children through high school which support condoms and acceptance of gender identity issues. Yes give unto Caesar but in America we live in a democracy and I can have a say about how my taxes are spent how my children are indoctrinated. I know all I have comes from the Father’s hand and where my treasure is there will my heart also be. So I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Thanks for continuing the discussion. Didn’t the Lord say come let us reason together? And how can iron sharpen iron if there is no friction? “)


  3. I can’t say I completely agree with this post on the premise that I don’t think it’s ok to cast aspersions on one candidate and not another. I think it would only be fair to do the same with the other otherwise it just comes off as telling people to vote for Hillary. I myself have done plenty of research at this point of all individuals involved, and when it comes to both Hillary and Trump, they both aren’t good for this country. They both have endearing(not much) and terrifying qualities. I’m not going to say who I’d vote for you, or who’s the “lesser of two evils,” if you will, but I will say that regardless of who’s chosen we’ll be in for a rough ride as a nation and prayers,objectivity and wisdom, especially in us a believer’s, will be needed.
    With that said, you mention the believer’s who say those things to you concerning how they feel about Trump, and I believe the issue is more with their belief system in Christ, as opposed to it being directly associated with Trump as a horrible candidate. Both candidates defy Christian principles and godliness as a whole so one cannot believe that God would even endorse either candidate. That’s for the individual to decide, when it comes to voting, with God in prayer.
    It’s definitely a tough time to be in for sure, but if I had those people you know around me I would let them know, which is where I agree with you, where their faith should rest. Regardless of who I vote for I know where all my faith is, and quite frankly, not much of my trust is in either candidate. I believe if anything that things may get worse for us as country, and even in the world at large for various reasons, and we as believers should at least agree to pray as one so that God is at least involved in the welfare of this country.
    It’s all love though my brother and despite my disagreement I believe that we’re on the same page with faith in Christ as believers–working and praying together for the betterment of this country and the world. God bless.

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    1. I believe the only thing I have ever read and complete my agreed with is the gospel of John, so I am not offended if you don’t fully agree! Thank you for reading and commenting. To make myself clear I certainly was not pushing for a Hilary vote. Also I agree, trump is a symptom of a deep faith problem, not the problem itself.

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  4. The Bible makes it very clear that we are to respect the government. Period. Not because the government is all powerful, but because all authority has been established by God (Romans 13:1-2). Our government has given us the freedom and the right to choose whether or not to vote to put a candidate into the presidency, and that is a precious and valuable freedom that many people in the world do not have. Jesus Christ, who was not only God but also a Jew who had every “right” to dislike and avoid the Romans, paid taxes to the Roman government. He chose to pay the tax because it was the right thing to do. I choose to vote because it is the right thing to do. Whether or not either of the major candidates is a Christian or that they stand for my beliefs is not of as much concern as the fact that someone will be put into power and it is my right and duty as an American citizen to place my vote. To do anything less would be disrespectful to my country, and in turn disobedient to God because I would be disrespecting the authority that He has placed over me. So this election is not comparable to Hiroshima, it is a matter of whether or not I consider the Bible to be the infallible word of God: I do. The final fact is: Jesus WOULD vote as a man in the flesh. As God, He is the supreme power in the universe and over-sees every establishment, so I am not the least bit concerned about voting (regardless of whom I vote for). What I am concerned about is praying for our country and our leadership as we plunge into the next four years.


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I value your time and input. I am rather confused by your statement “the bible makes it clear we are to respect government” I suppose taking a few verses out of context and running wild with some American pride that idea could be established. However to say the bible makes that clear is just not honest. Furthermore the idea that God “overseas” every government is also one that is certainly not true. Take that idea and follow it to completion. If God overseas every government he oversaw the Roman government that mutilated and executed Christians. He oversaw the nazi government that did the same to Jews. And he oversaw the governments of Sadam Huessin and the like. If God overseas every government he is the most despicable being to exist. As he has oversaw the torture, rape, and murder of millions. God is not actively pushing world leaders around like pawns in a game of chess. You are not owed freedom or choice. To sacrifice morality to protect those make you immoral. I apologize if I seem mean spirited in my response. I simply intend to be direct and not allow misrepresentations of the bible or a God to go unchecked.


  5. Sorry posted on accented before I was done. Lastly, your comment about the threat of foreign nations. What did Jesus do when threatened with violence? He healed the ear of the man arresting him. He then walked quietly to his own execution. Here American Christianity has made Jesus out to be more of a “warrior”. He was not. If anything he was a pacifist. His early followers were executed in horrific ways. Without resisting. No battles fought. No enemies killed. As a follower of Jesus we have to accept the reality that it is better for us that know Jesus to be killed than it is for those that don’t know Jesus to be killed. Our eternity is secure. There’s is not. To kill someone that does not know “the way” is the ultimate act of hate.


  6. Good stuff! I found the comment about “so my grandkids can go to church and have guns” rather ironic. Does no-one else see a disconnect between following the Prince of Peace and shooting people He died for?
    Anyway, good post. I don’t like or trust Hillary very much, but next to Trump she looks almost sane. It scares me how many people are prepared to squelch their conscience regarding Trump in order to vote against Hillary.
    I do wonder what Focus on the Family and all the other Right-leaning Christian pressure groups will do with their endorsement, now that a serial womanizer who thinks publically ogling his own daughter is fine and doesn’t believe he needs to be forgiven is the Republican candidate.

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