Truth is a Fickle Thing 

Gravity is something we all believe in. 

When we get up in the morning we pull our feet out of bed without wondering if they will find the ground. 
We pour milk on our cereal without fearing it will simply float above the bowl, refusing to go down. 
We get into our cars and drive to work without a single thought given to the possibility that our car will simply lose its grip on the road and hover up into orbit. 
We believe in Gravity. 
Until we sit down in a plane. 
We believe in Gravity 
Until man left the earth and touched the moon. 
We believe in Gravity 
Until 2 seconds left in the 4th quarter, and the kicker walks out onto the field. 
In those wonderful moments as the plane launches into the air, as the shuttle shoots into space, as the ball flys through the uprights, our believe is shaken. Perhaps only for a second, but for that glorious second, that single moment, we are freed from the weight of Gravity. Freed from the weight of belief. 
It’s a shame that belief holds us down. 
It holds us to the past. 
It holds us in fear. 
It holds us down to this earth. 
Is that really what belief was meant to be? 
Is belief supposed to be a pair of handcuffs? 
In many ways I think belief has become the very opposite of what it was intended to be. 
“Do you believe in miracles?” 
For any sports fan those words are read in the voice of Al Michaels, who In amazement and joy, shouted those words as the American hockey team defeated the Russians in 1980. The greatest upset in the history of sports. 
That question is one of the most profound things I have ever heard. 
Do you believe that everything you once believed could be totally and completely destroyed? 
That the absolute opposite of what you held to be true, could actually be the real reality? 
That’s what this question really captured. 
The idea that somehow you could believe in nothing. Because believing in nothing you find that you actually believe in miracles. Or better stated like this, 
The absence of belief; is a miracle.  
What if the archaic and antiquated idea of belief as a system of understandings and answers that can somehow solve the rattling of our souls was left behind and the original intention of belief was reinstated. 
The miracle. 
I think this is what Jesus had in mind. 
That may shock you a little bit. 
Jesus? He definitely wants me to believe in all the right things. Jesus is the most likely to want me to understand apologetics and have a theologically sound argument for every single bullet point of belief in my personal “statement of faith”. 
To many Jesus could be the poster boy of the importance of believing the “right things” 
To that idea I ask a simple question. 
Did Jesus ever use medicine? 
I hope that question awakens apart of your soul that has been bound in the chains of self righteous belief. 
If it didn’t, allow me to elaborate. 
Jesus is recorded as healing people. 
A lot of people. 
The blind, 
the sick, 
the lame, 
And even the dead. 
But not once in all the healing recorded does Jesus take out some antibiotics and prescribe a few days of bed rest. 
Jesus traded medicine for miracle. 
Just maybe, 
Jesus sold belief for wonder. 
I’m certain Jesus would have answered Al Michael’s legendary exclamation of joy, 
“Do you believe in miracles?” 
With a quiet, yet confident, 
Many use the life of Jesus as a foundation for a belief system that they believe will buy them entrance into a place called heaven. 
As long as you believe in that system you will get to go to heaven. 
Everyone else? 
Hell awaits. 
Of all the many problems with that idea, we will explore one. 
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different systems of belief exist. 
With there own nuances and foundational truths. 
But all with a seemingly unwavering conviction that their specific set of rules, their specific code of belief is correct. 
So what’s your choice? 
Want to go find the right system of belief for you? 
Or perhaps you’d like to find a new path. 
Maybe you’d like to trade medicine for miracle. 
If so, you can join Jesus in answering that awe inspiring, that amazing, that beautiful question, 
“Do you believe in miracles?” 
With a quiet, 
Yet confident, 


15 thoughts on “Truth is a Fickle Thing 

  1. I have to ask, because I am a simpleton, you closed your blog but I am uncertain of your conclusion. Are you saying Jesus is the answer or are you encouraging your readers to go with whatever it is that they choose to believe?


      1. I asked “Do you consider yourself a Christian sir?”

        To which evanjamesbailey answers: “The word Christian has come to mean so many different things that I tend to avoid it. But, Do I belief in the divinity of Jesus? Absolutely. “
        That’s about what I figured. Thank you.


      2. John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Yes I do believe the way to Heaven is very exclusive and that any other attempt is a frivolous waste of time. The rich man found himself in hell in spite of the fact he could lay claim to both his great riches and being directly related to Abraham (Luke 16) and Ephesians 2:8-10 makes it clear that our works are not enough. As someone else has pointed out gravity is a law. That plane that took off can only defy gravity for so long, the astronauts all have had to return to Earth and those in orbit are kept there by the gravity of Earth not belief.
        Also I would add that I believe my car will start when I try to start it but that belief will not get me to Heaven.
        The Bible says God is not just holy but holy, holy, holy (Isaiah 6:3 if I remember correctly) and our sins are the complete opposite of holiness. So simply believing that I will go to Heaven with nothing to back it up is an exclusive trip to hell. I have asked Jesus to save my soul and He has. As a result of having called upon Him for salvation (Romans 10:9,10) I am Heaven bound. And I possess that assurance, Hebrews 11:1 ” Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Something that has substance is tangible, I know that I know that I am saved. By my life I should be showing that evidence, testimony witness that is binding and legal in a court of law.
        Mutually exclusive? You bet. But don’t bet your eternity on the wrong thing.


      3. Interesting thoughts! A lot of different points made, I would point out that John 14:6 makes no claims about people knowing that they are saved by Jesus. A bridge could be the only way across a river, yet few who travel the bridge, would know who made the bridge. Furthermore the idea of being “saved by grace through faith, by no work of our own” is oxymoronic in nature. Saved by nothing we do except, confessing, repenting, and believing. Those are all verbs. Those are all things that we do. Therefore the most basic premise of Christianity typically excludes the significance of Jesus. Replacing what Jesus did with the idea that we save ourselves through faith.

        “Something that has substance is tangible” is an interesting statement. How do you feel about your family? Or a sunset? Those things create an emotion that many would say have an enormous amount of substance. Yet that emotion lacks anything tangible.

        I’m curious about your thoughts on hell?


      4. if I have in my hand a $100 bill and tell you that it is yours free of charge, it does not become yours until you reach up and take it. yes effort was put into taking the bill on your part but you did nothing to earn it. I on the other hand worked several hours to earn it. By my grace I give you this free gift by faith that I am not messing with you like that insurance company commercial “I got you a dollar” you reach out and work for it. This is the reality of salvation by grace alone. Where faith is again the evidence for all to see, you can call that work if you must but in comparison to the work Jesus did on the cross; confessing, repenting, and believing are nothing more than simple obedience.
        As far as the bridge, A. there are people who do know who made the bridge, B. watch some history programs about construction and they will tell you the names of the architect, who commissioned the project, perhaps the head of the project. As for John 14:6 not speaking directly about those who will be saved I did boil that down to that one verse however the chapter beginning with verse 1 is about Heaven and who will be going to Heaven and Jesus identifying Himself as the only way to get to Heaven.
        At no point have I ever saved myself, only Jesus could do that. Also I am not saved by emotions, but going with it. The sunset yesterday was deary. That is my take away from what I saw where I was at. You on the other hand thought the sunset, where you were some 1000 miles away, was gorgeous the vivid yellow sinking into the blazing orange red. While the blind man on the other hand has never seen it. How can either explain it to him if he has no similar point of reference. Someone who has been saved has the same problem. Trying to share what we have experienced with someone who has not. It is real and tangible but unless the other person listens like the blind man would and let’s go of what NATURE has given them they will never know, all they have is emotions.
        As for the subject of Hell. I have delved into that subject a couple of times in my prior posts. Allow me to condense that down to this. I believe the King James Bible is the English translation of the inspired word of God. it tells me that Hell is a literal place, where people literally suffer for all of eternity both mentally, physically, and spiritually. I believe when Jesus gave us the narrative of the rich man and Lazarus He only gave us a snap shot of what Hell will be like. It is a place of outer darkness, eternal separation, eternal flames, forever remembering everything about this life and never being able to have any of it again, it is a place where the worms are constantly chewing their way through one’s body, feelings of forever falling, and never having another chance to ask Jesus to save them.
        At this point I must get back to work. Thank you for your attention.

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  2. Jesus is the full embodiment of the right things. He is what everything is all about. In Him, for Him, and through Him everything was created and exists. He isn’t just the bridge, He’s the river and valley that the bridge is over and the sides of the valley wall that it connects and every expanse before and beyond it. Christianity is not a belief in a system. God never designed it that way and when God clothes Himself in human form He certainly didn’t demonstrate an optional belief for people the punch a ticket to heaven. God has always made it clear that He wants a relationship with His creation. Faith is what opens the door to a spiritual existence that’s already been created and purchased for us by God Himself. Relating a relationship with Jesus Christ to gravity or really any human theory or physical illustration may in fact be a dishonor to God. The life Jesus demonstrated was meant to show us how we were supposed to be living all along and what communion with God can look like for each believer. Being apart from Christ is the same as being apart from God so no other ‘belief’ system that doesn’t acknowledge a relationship with Jesus as salvation cannot be based on any foundational truths only human miscalculation.


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