Just Happy to Be Here 

Existence is beautiful. 
To feel. 
To see. 
To touch. 
To hear. 
To taste. 
I’ve been traveling. In the Pacific Northwest, if you like to be specific. 
I’ve seen mountains, rivers, cliffs, waterfalls, and a few wild animals. 
Amazing things. Breathtaking things. Awe inspiring things. 
We may say “small world isn’t it?” 
But it isn’t. 
It’s big. 
Really big. 
Of all the sights I’ve seen on this trip, and In this life, one stands out. 
The people. 
People are amazing aren’t they? 
They are different everywhere, but somehow, rather oddly, the same. 
It’s perhaps the most terrifying thought, that on this earth are people who have never walked on the ground that we walk on. 
Or maybe it is the most beautiful thought? 
It’s quite the dichotomy. 
All over the earth are people you will never see. 
We share this earth. We share the sun. We share the moon. We share the stars and the oceans. We share water and oxygen. We share particles and dreams. 
But more often than not we will never share the same space. 
Most of us will never see every country. 

None of us will see every town. 

There’s likely towns no one from the outside has ever seen. 
There’s cities of millions with buildings reaching into the sky, and there’s mountain top villages with a few dozen who speak a language completely unique to them. 
And that’s just on land. 
We have explored less than 5% of the oceans. 
Less than 5%. 
What is out there? 
We don’t know. 
We never will. 
One could go insane thinking about that. Often I spend hours of time thinking about all that I don’t know. 

Looking into the vast darkness of the world and trying to name that which has yet to be seen. 
Those are big thoughts. Scary thoughts. Exciting thoughts. Unknowable  thoughts. 
Those thoughts can be seen as unimportant. They can be called pointless and labeled as the pondering of the philosophical fool. 
And they can be. 
Those thoughts are no place to live. 
Those thoughts are essential. 
They are a place to travel too.
A place to visit now and again. 
Like a trip to your home town or a conversation with an old friend they ought not to be neglected. 
These thoughts give life to an essential part of our existence. 
On this spinning earth of enormous magnitude that is made entirely of particles so small they cannot be seen, these thoughts create perspective.
What an important word that is. 
When I look at all the awe inspiring things this world has to offer, when I ponder the deepest depths of my soul, I hope that it is not in vain. 
If we become lost in the awe, buried in introspective reflection we will become alienated and ineffective. It will be in vain. 
But, if we return from these visits with awe and these meetings with our souls with a new perspective, we have done the world a service. 
As perspective grows, so grows humanity. 
The psalms say,
“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” 
In all of this earth, the known and the unknown, I have yet to find a more amazing thing than people. 
From homeless shelters to Starbucks there are people. 
With memories. 
With emotions. 
With stories. 
Time with the unknowable earth and the unreachable recess of our souls will result in an understanding that the greatest gift we have are the knowable people existing all around us. 
Let your wanderings in thought and space create a perspective that desires to know what you can know, people. 
Look the cashier in the eyes. 
Shake the homeless mans hand. 
Say hello to the stranger in the plane seat next to you. 
Know them. 
Whether it be briefly or intimately, it doesn’t matter. 
In all this existence that is unknowable, the most amazing part of it all is astoundingly tangible. 
Build Community, 
Form union, 
Start conversation, 
Create relationships,
with each other. 


In this world that is so big, in our minds that are so vast, 
I wrote these words, and you read them. 
I’m here, and so are you. 
Isn’t that something?  


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