We are Everything

I’ve never liked math. There’s something about nice clean answers that I just don’t trust. So naturally math and I didn’t get along.


Math says, “4×5 is 20.”


I say, “Who cares about 4×5, have you guys ever read anything about beavers? Those things are crazy. They chop down trees with their teeth, and that deserves some recognition.”


Naturally my math teachers and I never got along.


Who are we? Often we may ask ourselves, who am I? Which is almost the same question. The only difference between we and I are the specifics. Which means if we can discover who we are, it will make your job of answering who am I, a lot easier.


Math and science can tell us a lot about who we are. It can tell us about atoms and about the relationship between our nervous system and our brain. Math and science can calculate how much of each different element we are made up of. 10% this and 4.62% that and so on. That’s awesome. It’s crazy, it’s hard to believe, but it’s awesome. Science and math are good. They save lives by allowing us to better understand how our bodies work and what they need.


There’s more though. We aren’t just a bunch of cells and atoms and molecules all formed together. Not because that isn’t exciting enough. Atoms are crazy. The part of atoms called electrons are crazy. They are constantly moving at speeds so high we can’t understand it. Which means you, the device you are reading this on, the chair you sit in, the bed you lay on, are all moving faster than we can imagine. Your body is literally flying around at speed we can’t measure. So when I say we aren’t just atoms and calls and molecules, it isn’t because I think we should be more exciting. We are already exciting. It’s because every day I feel that we are more. I think you feel it too.


Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?


Have you ever laughed so hard it hurt?


Have you ever loved someone with every piece of yourself?


I’ve felt all those things. Those things can’t be put into a chart of numbers, they can’t be put into a graph and tracked. But those things exist. We know it, we feel them.


A song comes on the radio and you roll the windows down and sing along as loud as you can.

That person smiles and bursts of joy and life and love are sent flowing throughout your entire body.

You’ve watched that movie 34 separate times. But it always makes you cry.


Explain those things with numbers. Explain those moments with text books about neurons and brain pathways.

You can’t.


What a beautiful dichotomy that those things we know at the very core of our being to be true, cannot be explained, quantified, or characterized by math or science.


What a lovely idea that some of the things in this life we are most sure of, have no facts to support them.


What are we?


Are we atoms and cells?


Are we passion, or spirit, or power, or emotion, or energy? Or perhaps some combination of those things. Like a nutrition label you find on your box of Oreos.


22% spirit

14% energy

8% physical matter

And down the list. Is that what we are?






We are everything. We are all of it. All at once.


We are an intoxicating blend of energy and love.

We all know this to be true.

Have you ever had a pet die? I had a dog for almost fifteen years, he was a good dog. The time came when he was in too much pain to go on, so we had him put down. It was a terribly painful experience. As I brought him home and laid his body in the grave I had dug the day before I looked at his face, one last time.

He was Gone.

Every piece of his body was still there.

But somehow


“He” was gone.

Because he was never just his body.

He was so much more.


This is the power of creation. This is the power of unity that Jesus has brought to our existence. That we can be more empty space than not, (Google it. It’s true. And it’s not even close) but that we can feel. That we can feel everything. We can feel the world around us. We can feel the power of a world humming with potential. A world full of people just like us, but at the same time entirely different. This is what Jesus did for us. He brought about an existence for us where we are no longer separated from the spiritual. He gave us a life where we can see the sun with our physical skin, but also feel passion and love in some part of us we can’t describe.



What are we?


We are spirit.

We are dust

We are love.

We are everything.


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