Clothes made out of skin

I had the privilege and honor to speak at my church’s prayer night not to long ago and God gave me a special word that I’d like to share with the family here at Not of the Norm and anyone else who happens to read this. 

Genesis 3:9-10

9 But the Lord God called to the man, “Where are you?”10 He answered, “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

Most of us may know that this life that we live isn’t about religion, but about relationship. In this relationship with God, we have been taught to pursue Him. The pursuit is a vital principle of any relationship, however most of us, and I’ll include myself, forget that God pursues us as well. In the first verse God calls out to Adam, signifying the initial pursuit. God is God quite frankly and He of course knew where Adam was hiding, but He called out to Adam to initiate a pursuit, He wanted Adam to respond. Adam could’ve remained hidden, but he responded to his calling, and more importantly, the pursuit God made for him.

Rewinding a little bit, why was Adam compelled to hide from God? The bigger question, why do we hide, when God pursues us?  I’m gonna make a quick list:

We hide because:

  1. We get scared. Scared of punishment/judgement and rejection from God
  2. We feel insufficient (I’m not good enough)
  3. We feel undesirable (How could God ever want me)

This last one, is perhaps the biggest lie the devil uses against us. We then punish ourselves mentally and emotionally, more than God ever would. However, there is hope.

Genesis 3:21

21 The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

I can only imagine some saying “what does this have to do with anything I just talked about?” Well, here’s where it gets good.

I want everyone to think about this for a quick second, Adam and Eve disobeyed and sinned against God, and in return He clothed them. Yeah God issued punishment to them, but because He is a just God. If God wouldn’t have punished them then He would’ve gone against Himself as being just. That’s besides the point though, the point is that right after that happened, God clothed them. They were still His creation and despite the sin and disobedience God still loved them. It says clearly in the verse that these clothes were “garments of skin” indicating that they were from an animal. So we have the first ever sacrifice, made by God Himself, for us. God wanted to give Adam and Eve something better than what they had. All they had were leaves to wear, but even though it was a result of their sin, God made a sacrifice to clothe them and keep them close to Him.

God wants to give you something better. He is calling and pursuing you, but are you going to keep trying to hide or respond to His pursuit? We all struggle with a lot of different things, but God wants to take all those things and give you something better.


One thought on “Clothes made out of skin

  1. I’ve been thinking about those skins a lot lately. They also, represent a very drastic change in the way Adam and Eve would live from that point on. Up to this point, God provided fruits for them as food. From this point forward, animals would die so they could live. The food-chain was established. I also, can’t help but compare those fig-leaves to Cain’s ‘preferred’ sacrifice. Sin required the shedding of blood in a very basic way and at the moment, Adam and Eve became both predator and prey. Jesus offered His own blood and body as a final sacrifice that will end that duality, when the lion and the lamb lie down in peace. Anyway…interesting post and a subject that has lately, been reignited in my own meditations. God bless.:0)

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