Being alone isn’t as bad as you might think 

My favorite story in the bible is the story of Jacob. You see Jacob was all different types of messed up. Looking into the story, Jacob was the youngest one of his twin. In those times, being the first born son was a big deal, you became the heir to your family’s wealth and land, and received a special and very important blessing just by being the first born son! Jacob also had family issues. His father Isaac favored his older brother Esau because he was the sportsy, hunter, young Arnold Schwarzenegger type of guy. If that’s not manly enough his name means “hairy” so he probably had a sick manly beard. Jacob on the other hand, was the younger, less important one. He didn’t even have a manly name. His name means “deceiver”, so since birth Jacob was being classified and he grew up to become just that. He lied to his own father on his deathbed saying that he was Esau and took the blessing that was meant for Esau.

Now think about it, we have this guy, Jacob, a deceiver. He lied to his dad on his deathbed, took his brother’s blessing as the firstborn and I’ll just stop there. There some other occasions where Jacob did his thing and deceived people. However, this is why this story of my favorite. Despite everything that he’d ever done, his family issues, and his circumstances, God chose Him. God chose Jacob and gave him a new identity. An identity where none of that mattered. God appeared to Jacob and wrestled him. Jacob took advantage in the midst of this and told God, “I won’t let you go until you bless me”. It then came to be that the angel of the Lord struck Jacob one last time and blessed Him. Blessed him with a new name and identity, Israel.

Looking closely into the story, the angel of the Lord didn’t appear to Jacob until after he sent his family across a stream. Once he was alone the angel of the Lord appeared to Jacob and wrestled with him. You see, the matter of the fact is, God waits for us to be alone so that He can encounter us and ultimately bless us with what we really need. This may or may not blow some people away, but the truth is you don’t have to be Christian to be blessed. There are tons of people in the world that are blessed. However, God does do something miraculous with His people. He not only blesses us, but He blesses us accordingly to what we really need. In Jacob’s case it was identity. This is the sweet part though, everyone can be blessed, in and outside of Christ, but only for those who are in Him can experience the glory of God. God not only wants to bless you He wants to reveal Himself and his glory to you.

Whatever it may be, issues with identity, addiction, or even knowledge of your own faith, God wants to sprout growth in these areas of your life. Find your alone time with God and let Him reveal Himself to you and bless you with what you really need. It may hurt for a bit as it did when the angel struck Jacob, but in this period of being alone you will experience the glory of God in ways you have yet to discover. If your spiritual life is hanging on by a thread or maybe you’re just not where you wanna be don’t worry, there is hope. Many have been there, I have been there. Set yourself apart and be alone with God.


6 thoughts on “Being alone isn’t as bad as you might think 

    1. Before I publish any of my blogs, I make sure that it captivates me in a way that I’d like the readers to be captivated. This story has definitely touched the depths of my soul and I hope it does the same for many others. Thank you so much for your support!


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