verse blurb: romans 1:22-23


6 thoughts on “verse blurb: romans 1:22-23

  1. Good stuff. Actually liked in on youtube as well. What I love about this more than anything is the inclusion of all Jesus is even in the Old Testament. Sometimes, specifically who Christians, we diminish the totality of who Jesus is by dismissing the Old Testament. By doing that I feel destroys the ability to know and see God’s heart throughout his word and life in general. You can’t even effectively be a witness to anyone when that is present. God, including Jesus, was not some tyrant in the Old Testament and then became a loving God in the New. God is so wonderful on a variety of levels and that needs to be showcased throughout God’s word. Good stuff. Oh and hey, I told you I’d write that entry and let you know when I’m done, and I will be soon. Took it to an interesting place that I think you might like. Will let you when I’m done with as I’m working on it currently. God bless

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