You Don’t Know Anything

You don’t know anything.

Really. You don’t.

Everything you believe about yourself, about your family, about your friends, about God, and about life.

All those beliefs, they aren’t true.

All those beliefs, are simply things you have been told.

Told by parents.
Told by teachers.
Told by classmates.
Told by co-workers.
Told by friends.
Told by preachers.
Told by newscasters.
Told by people.

They don’t know.

And neither do you.

You live in a box.

Everyone does.

It’s not a bad thing, after all who hates boxes?

I can’t think of a single person who on reputation alone has a burning pit of anger against a box.

After all it’s just a box.

And that’s where you live.

Like any box, it’s manufactured.

Your box is different than the box your toaster came in only because you made your box.

The whole time you have been on this earth, breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide you have heard a lot.

You’ve heard: What goes up, must come down.

You’ve heard: Slow and steady wins the race.

You’ve heard: You need to drink milk to grow big and strong.

You’ve heard all types of things.
That lying is bad.
That love is good.
That bears can climb faster than you can.
That Saturday Night Live used to be funnier.
That Jesus died for you.
That anything is possible if you try real hard.
That music was just better In the 60s.

You hear those things, and a million more things.  You take in those ideas.  And, you take some glue and a stapler and some drywall screws and fashion these things together into a 2nd graders dysfunctional art project and bam. You have it. Your box.

That’s stupid.

Your box?

It’s stupid.

Smash it. Tear it apart. Burn it. Run over it with a truck. Tie a bunch of anvils from the Road Runner cartoon to it and drop it into the ocean. Anything. Just wreck it so that it can’t possibly be reassembled. Demolish it. Eliminate it.

This will be scary.

That’s okay. Scary isn’t always bad.

If you do this, if you really take your box out back and beat it with a lawn chair until it’s nothing but a broken heap of lies and misconceptions,

you won’t regret it.

The only choice, allow me to emphasize: the single way, the one option, the correct answer.

The only way to live in a way that matters is to build a box made of Truth.

Not one made from what others told you is the truth.

Put this book down. Seriously put it down, get your box and some power tools and some flammable liquids and take a minute to wreck your box. This book will be here when you get back.


Box destroyed?

Good, let’s get started then.


Hey guys! This has been another small look into, “The Box”, I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Anything

  1. You know what I love about the smashing of the box is that all you’re left with is you and God and nobody else’s ideologies, falsehoods, perspectives, opinions, and so on. One of the main reasons I even got saved was because I wanted to know this Jesus that everybody seemed to talk about and claimed to know; I wanted to know him for who he truly was without having to know him vicariously through anyone else (excluding Christ himself of course Lol). Crazy thing is God honored that and still does to this day. All I’ve ever learned was from what he himself told me, revealed to me, taught me, and so on. Alot of the things that mess people up and turn them away from God would be solved if only we be the true light we ought to be, and like Paul said, allow Christ to be formed in the individual/s. God honors his word and will always do his part in people if we allow him to in our lives and others. Good stuff. Time for the boxes to go!!

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