What are you passionate about? What do you sought after? Take time and really ask yourself that question. What is it that sets your heart ablaze? I’m willing to bet some may say God, or something similar to that. I want to challenge whoever is reading this and mainly those who consider God as their passion. I challenge to analyze your most inner self, your lifestyle, and your heart.

Really dig deep and ask yourself, “is God really my passion?”.

I’ve had to ask myself that many times throughout my walk with Christ. So many times I’ve had to put my life to an abrupt stop to redirect my heart to where it needs to go. I know it’s hard, in this day and age there are so many distractions. So many things to be passionate about. And don’t get me wrong it’s not bad to be passionate about something other God. There is music, culture, animals, the list goes on and on. But something I learned myself was to give priority to what’s important, God. I don’t mean to preach to anyone, but rather share something I’ve learned on this path we all share. Me, I’m passionate about all of you reading this. I want, and I pray that something will spark in your heart and soul to have a greater desire for God.

You are more than capable of changing this world, of bringing people to God and bringing the kingdom of heaven here on Earth.

Forgive me for going off into a rant, but there are no words to express this burning passion that is within me to see God’s glory. He loved me first, how can I not love Him enough to want Him more of in my life? I want to go further and deeper than ever. I want God to reveal Himself to me, and to you.

Think about that cross.. What Jesus did to save you. Isn’t that crazy?

What He did for us? Jesus was perfect, but He loves us so much, He desires us so much, that

He took our sin and our place on that cross so we can draw close to Him. This goes way beyond emotion, but a burning passion.

A passion that consumes everything else. Fear, anxiety, sin. I pray this passion will awaken inside all of you. That God may reveal Himself to you personally. Forget about what other people say He is. Don’t worry about the knowledge you might lack of the bible.

God doesn’t care how much you know or don’t know, He just wants to be close to you.

He wants you to be passionate about Him. I pray that in this new year you discover the mystery of who God really is. That a passion may arise in all of you to love God and pursue Him valiantly. 


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