The Box: Man or Jesus?

We have become disillusioned with the person of Jesus.

We spend millions on buildings to gather in.

We spend hundreds of hours debating man-made theology.

We spend our lives building a religious establishment.

An establishment easily likened to one of many corporations that sell or produce a product. We market the gospel with a few tag lines and catchy jingles and next thing you know the attendance goes up and we have our very own commercialized Jesus.

As the great philosopher Eric Church once said, “Shape it up, trim it down, who gives a damn bout how it sounds.”

Our Christianity is as much based on the musings of men from past centuries as it is in the ideas of Jesus. The church will criticize Muslims, Jews, or atheists for talking of Jesus as “merely a great teacher” when the church itself is rooted in a doctrine that is of the same belief.

We’ve changed the gospel message from the way of Jesus, to the way of obeying what an arbitrary “statement of belief in conviction” says about Jesus.

What more dangerous intellectual practice is there than to impose the conviction of one man upon another?

We must deconstruct the archaic and antiquated methods of application of Christian scriptures produced by men from a dead generation.

To live in the doctrine and practice of a past generation is to deny the Spirit of God as “living and active.”

The Amish are a perfect external display of the internal problem that is crushing the lungs of the American church. While the Amish live in a way that demonstrates a conviction that a certain generation had to the amount of technology deemed acceptable by God, we live under an even more dangerous misconception that a past generation successfully and completely understood what it is to be a follower of Jesus.

To accept this style of living is to willingly and happily put a padlock on your box. To willingly look into the face of constant revelation of truth and to tell it that, “it’s not needed” that “the correct amount of truth has been revealed and analyzed” that “anymore truth is simply heresy.”

This is in clear conflict with the very nature of God. The Bible clearly shows us a “progression of truth”. As the story of the Bible unfolds the commands and desires of God change drastically. In the Old Testament we see the command and support of genocide. The command and support of stoning sexual offenders. (Homosexuals and pre-martial sex). These two themes are blatantly and directly challenged and deemed impermissible by Jesus. The commands of Jesus to “love your enemy” and the story of “one without sin cast the first stone” indicate a shift in the way in which to respond to your enemy, and a drastic change in the way we are to respond to sins committed around you.

From genocide to love.

From execution to forgiveness.

These examples are not simple cultural changes but foundational beliefs shifted in a complete 180. From south to north. The change could not be more drastic. Missing this change was the action, or lack there of, that brought Jesus the most frustration.

How then can we choose to live in a way that stands in defiance to the possibility that Truth may be constantly revealing itself?  The Bible clearly demonstrates that this is not a possibility; but rather a certainty.






This was another small look into my new book, “The Box” Let me know your thoughts!



14 thoughts on “The Box: Man or Jesus?

    1. It’s hard to know for certain why individuals make choices but I certainly agree that avoiding the pain of disapproval and avoiding the pain of church conflict are both very influential in maintaining the “status quo”


  1. Hey Evan. I love your writing, man. Not just how you layout your thoughts in a relatable, concise, and well worded way, but also the wisdom and insight you share on church, the world we live in, and our relationship with Jesus. Solid stuff, bro.

    With that said, is your book, “The Box” out yet? I’d love to grab a copy.

    Your brother in Christ,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Calvin, Thank you, I appreciate you. Have you ever read the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips? That’s what your name reminds me of.

      I am glad that my writing connects with you. The box is not published. I have been on a break from writing and have been focusing on reading and studying. But I am planning on publishing a series of writings on my new blog within the next month. Thank you again. 🙂

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      1. Fun fact: I’m actually named after Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. My Dad loves the character from Watterson’s strips so much that my folks named me after him. I hear you there on taking a break from writing. I took a break for about a year, but since I got married, I started writing again, just not as much as before. I didn’t even know you had another blog, my friend! I’ll be subscribing to that one too. You’re a solid writer with a lot of great thoughts to share, bud. Glad to hear you’re still putting out content.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s pretty darn cool. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip. I have a tattoo of them. When did you get married? I’m getting married in 6 weeks. Also thank you. I’m glad to know at least one person is looking forward to some new posts.

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      3. Word, that’s awesome. I have a couple tatoos. A cross on my forearm and my wife and I got matching tattoos of our wedding date on our wrists. I’m still waiting for a good idea for a Calvin and Hobbes tattoo though.

        I got married this past January, the 6th! Best day of my life and living side by side with my best friend has been a blast. Super excited for you as well, my dude. You’re gonna love married life.

        Absolutely; love the content you put out, man. Know that it has an impact, even if it may not be obvious.


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