The Box: What is Jell-O?

Hey guys! Special post today, this is the first excerpt from my book, “The Box.” This book is a look at the relationship between the infinite spiritual world  and our finite human world. I hope you enjoy this little taste of the book! Please let me know what you think!

What is jello?

That stuff has always fascinated me. All those glow in the dark colors. The way it wiggles and bounces. It’s a fascinating thing, Jello, never would have thought it was “food” on first inspection. I’ve certainly never enjoyed eating it, after all, the target demographic seems to be prepubescent suburban kids and the elderly.

From doing some research on Jello I have discovered that it’s basically nothing. Really, it’s hardly there. I mean it exists. But it exists like your great-aunt exists; she’s there but that’s all she really is, there.

I found that it’s made from water and gelatin. Which didn’t help me at all because I had no clue what gelatin was either.

Well, I do now. Prepare to be disgusted. Gelatin is highly dissolved protein from animal bones and skin.


We feed that to kids and your great-aunt.


Two reasons.

One, It’s easy to eat. Not a lot of chewing has to be done. Not a lengthy process at all. Just slurp it down your gullet and it’s into the ole intestines. Easy. Simple. Clean.

Secondly, it’s easy to digest. It’s already been boiled down enough that your body can take in the proteins with very little effort. Most of the work has been done for you.

So,  Jello, does have a purpose.

To provide easy nutrients to underdeveloped or worn out people.

But that’s it. People between the ages 8 and 78 probably shouldn’t live on Jello.

We need real food. Tough. Hard to eat and hard to digest food. Stuff that makes our bodies work. Stuff that gives us way more protein than Jello has to offer.

This isn’t groundbreaking advice. If this is the first time you’ve been tipped off that a Jello-only diet isn’t a good idea, you should get out more. Like really, there are malls and Starbucks everywhere. Take a walk outside and get a burger.

We don’t just eat Jello, though.

We think it.

Highly boiled down thought. Easy to chew, easy to digest.

What a horrible way to live.




6 thoughts on “The Box: What is Jell-O?

    1. Thank! I’m excited about it. The book is from my perspective. This problem of living in a finite existence but trying to love and understand an infinite being is the over arching theme that I want to spend my life writing and talking about. So this book is my first stab at identifying the problem I want to try and solve.

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  1. Already I’m chompin-at-the-bit, pardon my colloquialism. I am eager to read this work, if indeed it pays the dividends to which it seems to allude: hearty meat. Not that I haven’t had my share of fun with jello, especially in the fifth grade. Which, had something to do with pranking our matronly lunch lady. ☺

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