Merry Christmas!

Today is a day of family, food, and gifts.
Today is a day of love, sacrifice, and joy.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas season filled with family and friends. A season filled with good food and bowl games. A season of reflection on the year gone by. A season of loving each other through the gifts given and received.

I want to give you a brief encouragement today. Don’t let people tell you not to forget, “The Reason for the Season”, don’t forgo big gifts and family feasts because Christmas is supposed to be about Jesus. Give the gifts, eat the food, and be merry.

A brief look into the life of Jesus reveals that he loved to share meals with people, he loved to share knowledge, and ultimately he was Love itself as the most beautiful gift.

So please, don’t let a somber angry tone of Jesus fill your day. Let the joy that was in Jesus when he was loving people fill your day.

Too often Jesus people are seen as a “fun-removal group.” From the outside it can seem that Jesus People just look for things that are fun or feel good and call them bad. Don’t play the fun-removal game today. Be a positive display of Jesus. Be a real Jesus person.

Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Now, I think it’s common knowledge that it isn’t His actual birthday. But, it is the day we choose to celebrate Jesus being born. Born to die. On a day when we are celebrating the birth of the most perfect Love to ever walk the Earth I hope that we are displaying some semblance of that Love. Let today be the first day of loving people as Jesus did.

Christmas is not a day intended for pious reminiscing on a Savior gone by; Christmas is a day to celebrate the love that Jesus displayed in His life. So celebrate that Love. I can think of no better way to celebrate love than to share it. So do just that. Share. Share through gifts, share through food, share through laughter and tears.

Don’t hold back today, It’s Christmas. A day for Love.



4 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I like that, “Jesus People”:) My little group of friends often refer to ourselves ” as those Galileans ” when we are having to much fun praising or talking about Jesus and people look at us strangely. Oh no, its those Galileans again!! Yes, Jesus must have shared much love and laughter reclining and dining with so many different people:) Poor Martha mad in the kitchen while the others enjoyed:) blessings, d

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