This is probably going to get realllllll mushy, real fast you guys. I’m so sorry.


………….Anyway. I spent my birthday with my significant other, Cody, who is also a writer for NotN. While spending the day with him, my mind fell on the ways in which God has defined what “Love” really is for me over the past year of my life.

Cody and I have been dating since June 30th of 2013; about 2.5 years. I’ve loved him for so long and I continue to love him more and more every day. We started dating in high school and so much has changed since then for the both of us. This change, to me, is how God has really began to work in my heart to redefine what “Love” means.

Like it says in 1 John, we are given the capacity in our hearts to love others because God loved us first. I firmly believe that we have to learn to love God before we can truly love another human being. It blows me out of the water, the capacity that God has to love us. With this capacity, through each and every moment of every day that we sin against Him, God pours his love over us. UNCONDITIONALLY.

I can one hundred percent confidently say to you that I love my God more than I love my boyfriend. That’s how it is supposed to be. I saw this super corny quote photo thing on Pinterest once that said “A woman’s heart must be so lost in God that a man must seek Him to find her.” I love this! I love Cody because he loves God more than me. He seeks God each and every day and he has become an important spiritual leader in my life.

I have realized that the definition of love is very simple. Love = God. Those of us that grew up going to Sunday school heard that all the time! It’s so real to me now, though!

I find it so remarkable that God chooses to love us. I find it awe inspiring to see the ways in which Christ followers live out God’s love through relationships.

Our God is so relational and I am filled with so much joy because of this simple fact. We were created to be such as well! How cool is that?!

I see so many attributes of a Godly man through Cody as our relationship continues to grow. I see Him loving people the way that God loves. UNCONDITIONALLY.  I’m not just talking about the way he loves me, either. I fall for him every day due to so many things, but seeing the way he interacts with other people just melts ma little heart, ya know?

I am thankful for a man in my life who makes my birthday special, who loves God more than he loves me, who loves others in a Godly manor, and has opened my eyes and ears to listen and see God more every day.

I sincerely apologize for a lovey post *HA! See what I did there?*. But this is what is on my heart today. I hope it spoke to you somehow.


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