Are You Fruitful?

This is our very first ‘NotN Talk” We are very excited about this new part of our ministry.

Today I take a look into the concept of fruitfulness. This is a topic in Christianity that is often misrepresented.

I take a look at what Jesus was really saying when He spoke about Fruitfulness.

Let us know what you think about this new direction in our ministry.

Depending on the way this is received we will look into expanding this opportunity in various ways.

I hope this message will encourage you in your walk with our God.



4 thoughts on “Are You Fruitful?

  1. Love this!! It’s definitely a misrepresented subject. I love that you started with getting out of our own mentalities and familiarity. I find it’s those things that keep fruitfulness from continuing when that happens. Challenges and discomforts are tools God uses to bring change and fruit. I could go on as this is something that God is doing in my life as well as I’ve seen throughout the body. It’s good to know I’m not insane when I see God bring it up with others who know him. Good stuff. That love and joy truly is continued and flourished as a result of bearing fruit. John 15 is definitely a great place that Christ explains it. Much love my brother.

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