Lets Take A Look Series #3: “Your Heart”

I was reading a book not to long ago called “gods at War” by Kyle Idleman.  Notice how the “g” in gods is not capitalized, for good reason. The whole point of the book is to discuss and talk about how idolatry is the single most pressing issue in our culture. The subtitle of the book is “Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart.”  

So what does that mean?

This book gives us a lot of resources to aid us in our spiritual walk. Kyle says that in this world, we have a lot of different “gods” in our life.  A “god,” he says, is anything that we put in place of the one true God, and calls out anything that we put in place of God is an idol. These different “gods” are battling with our heart everyday, and the question is, will we let them defeat us?

So. What is it?  

Is it a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation, with four chambers, with two atria and two ventricles?

Or is it the place where love and everything good and magical in the world resides?

What is a heart?  Why do we say that love and all things good flow from the muscle that regulates our blood flow in a circulatory rhythmic pulse???

The heart is the center of your body.  From which, all of your blood flows, and without it, you would cease to exist.  A good heart is strong, it’s unclogged, it is unhindered, and it works everyday to work around whatever our day may throw at us. Medically, the heart is the strongest muscle, yet the most fragile in the case of how vital it is.  When we have our vitals checked, what is the first thing the doctor or nurse looks at?  Your heart rate. This is an indication of what your current health is: How healthy your heart is pumping.  

This is the reason why the bible uses the heart SO much to describe how we live our lives.  Our heart is the center from which everything flows, and how we live. Our hearts need to be strong, unclogged, and working in all aspects of our lives, not just when we are awake, or at church, or stuck on the side of the road with a dead cell phone asking God to help you. Our physical heart doesn’t stop flowing just because we are sleeping, or because we are at work, or else we would die.  

When we confess Jesus as Lord and receive salvation, we are asking him into our heart, why do you think the bible describes it like this?  Because asking Jesus into our hearts changes everything, it changes how our body flows, and our spirituality becomes the center of our heart with Jesus.  

So when we look at our lives, and how our heart flows, we all struggle with idolatry.  We all can think of something that we put in front of God that distracts us from him.

So what is it?  

Pride? Pornography? Greed? Lust? Electronics? Media?  Hatred? Money?

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Proverbs 4:23

So Let’s Take A Look.

What flows from your heart?  What is it that you put in front of God, and that distracts you from Him. These things will clog your heart, and eventually, will be fatal.  

The bible stresses this so much, that we need to protect what flows from our hearts, because as disciples of Christ, people are going to see what flows from us. If that isn’t Christ, how can we ever be able to reach people, and reflect the glory of God.  
Don’t let your heart clog with the sin and guilt you may be living with, guard and protect it, for everything you do, flows from it.


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