You Are/n’t Enough.

The world is a place of incomprehensible beauty and whimsy; it is our darkness that keeps us from experiencing it in entirety. Instead of acknowledging the workmanship of the sky, we’re too busy worrying if it’s going to rain. Instead of marveling at the obscure sound of falling snow, we are plagued by our own bitterness towards another, or perhaps have our minds fixated on the next task we will face. God has shown his brilliance and craftsmanship in so much of the world, and I find that we are all just too selfish to take notice and praise the Creator for what he has created.I find that an all-too-common question that haunts us is this: “I am enough?”

Am I pretty enough? Fit enough? Do people know who I am? Am I smart enough to make it in this dog-eat-dog world? Will I be loved? I am good enough to be loved? Will people be satisfied with what I have to offer? Do I have what it takes?

The string of questions that follow are far too many to count. For some people, it’s only a subtle disturbance. For others, it may be the relentless haunting that keeps them from the gentleness of peace. When this spirit of discontentment oppresses us, to think of living with confidence seems foreign.

Whether it’s in reference to our physical self, or our personalities and quirks, we can live in confidence. 

I have a hard time imagining that God rejoices when I look upon his masterpiece with disdain. When I stare into a mirror, it’s hard for me to see something that could hardly be considered a masterpiece. We’ve been conditioned to be dissatisfied with ourselves. If we aren’t okay with who we are, we will do anything it takes for us feel wanted and accepted. That might mean buying weight-loss pills or clothing out of our price range. That might mean compromising our integrity. It might mean living to be someone we’re not. 

But we are who we are for a reason– physical attributes, personality traits, and all. It’s an interesting paradox, but a cyclical discovery that I’ve experienced many times. We can only be enough when we realize we never will be. Our worth isn’t found in how we are seen by the world. If that’s where we’re looking for it, we’ll never find the arms of a loving God.


6 thoughts on “You Are/n’t Enough.

  1. To be imperfect is only to delight people with the beauty of the loving God that shines through us. As Moses was warned, alone His brilliance would be too much. In our struggles with imperfection, we meter him out to the world in doses that we each can handle.


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