You mind if I go on a rant. It’s hard when this voice in the back of my head is screaming at full capacity. Just some things I’ve been thinking about. Not trying to offend anyone just stating my opinion. When God calls us does he call us to be in a country club? A club full of Christians shutting the world out, not letting anyone in unless they pay the subscription price? Does sharing your testimony outside of a Christian bubble scare you? Yes I do understand that chilling with other Christians (Communion) is important but what if that’s all you do. Do you dare to venture out your bubble? Do you try to bring others that don’t exactly fit into a “sweater vest and khaki” only country club? Let’s venture out, let’s go out into the world and visit people where they are. Have you ever been to the jungle, dessert, mountains? No? well lets talk smaller, ever been to the barrio (hood), different city, or town? No? what about another suburb? Remember that time you desperately needed a savior and reached out to Jesus? Don’t you think there’s someone out there needing the same thing, just needs a little reassurance, a little love, compassion or hope? Or are you content with the country club of a community that you’re already in? Did Jesus only hangout with his disciples? Let’s get out there, get dirty. Bring that hope out. Don’t keep it to yourself. Get rid of that admission price and open up the doors to that club.


3 thoughts on “Rant#1

  1. “Does sharing your testimony outside of a Christian bubble scare you?”
    Good idea to mix testimonies of our different paths here.

    If you like to go out on WordPress and mix and share with other spiritual (but not necessarily Christian) folks, may I suggest a place to start?
    The current blogging challenge of Linda ,
    has many links to posts by a mixed crowd of spiritual folks (lightworker-ish, Buddhist, A Course In Miracles (Jesus channeling) students) .

    So, if you want to mix and share , I’m sure the others would like to hear your stories.

    “Bring that hope out. Don’t keep it to yourself. ”
    Good idea! We all love to hear stories that give us hope.


  2. This is my number 1 rant too. We seem to want “churchertainment” rather than to BE the church in the world. We write checks to feel good about doing our part in the “great commission” and pay other people to do our good works for us. We outsource our worship, our missions work and join flashy program after program instead of stripping all that away and deepening our relationships with each other and our community, and often instead of serving God. My pastor keeps saying we need to “run into the mess” instead of away from it. There, we can be Christ where there is no hope or love, instead of sitting safe and smugly aloof from the drama.


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