Sufficient Power.

I wrote a small paper about my calling into ministry. I wanted to share a portion of the paper to my NotN community. Hope you guys enjoy.

I’ve always been told that life wasn’t going to be easy for me. There have been times where I have struggled. There have been times where I have made mistakes. There have been times where I have screwed up. But that’s not what this paper is about. This isn’t a paper about my hard times and how I have made it through the worst and want to share the world how I have done it. This isn’t a paper about how I have conquered tough situations and now I feel obligated to help others get through their conflicts. My life has never been about how I have beaten my own strife by my own power. It’s always been about how God has rescued me from the hole of self destruction that I dug myself into. My mistakes were like a shovel digging deeper and deeper into the pit of self-despair. I tried to get out of this pit by my own strength, but that shovel just continued to dig me down into the hole until I felt like there was nothing left. And just when I thought life was coming to an end, a God, the one and only God, reached His hand down into my pit and rescued me from my own tribulations. He loved me so much that He saved me from the destruction of myself. His power was sufficient enough to not only pull me out of that pit, but also direct my life into a completely new direction. My desire and passion for pastoral ministry is deeply rooted with the fact that Jesus saved my life, and I want to see Him save others. It’s never been about what I can by my own energy. It’s always been about watching Jesus’ love change a person’s life. It changed mine, and I know it can change this world.

Jesus has always been there for me. I know that without Him, I would be nothing. My life would be meaningless. I would be like a desolate boat sailing through the seas without a sail. The destination of my boat wouldn’t matter because I’d be going nowhere. And if my boat were to face a storm, I would have nothing to hold me steady. But thankfully Jesus stepped in and gave me that sail. He looked at my boat and gave it a new direction. And every time a storm rocks my boat, I know that His anchor is keeping me from sinking.

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5 thoughts on “Sufficient Power.

  1. Hi, Nicolas. Thank you for visiting and reading the post on the Feast of Tabernacles. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance and read the encouragement in the Lord that you are sharing. Many blessings to you.


  2. That is the most wonderful truth: It is by God’s great power that we are rescued from everything.

    It’s much easier to trust the Lord when we realize the humble nature of our position in life and His consistent power.

    Continue to trust in Him. God be with you.

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  3. It definitely is a startling and inspiring revelation when you realize that we literally have NO other purpose than bringing glory to God and bringing people to God. It helps us realize how much of our lives are spent in vain when we should be focused on fulfilling the purpose God has given us- the Great Commission. Thank you for sharing your testimony. =]


  4. What is our salvation for? To have a personal Jesus of our very own or to share the love and life saving world redeeming message of the Gospel with others? We all are called into ministry. To separate our lives by calling some parts sacred and some parts secular is to lead a disconnected and incomplete life. An integrated life is a sacred one and we all live a life of ministry. Our lives really are meaningless and despair is all we have if we live without Jesus. Keep your sail unfurled and hold onto Christ even in the storms!


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