You Have Purpose.

During the summer we asked the high school dudes at camp to build a canoe/kayak/raft/thing out of card board boxes, trash bags, sticks, and duck tape. It was fun watching their canoe things float over the water. To my surprise most of them stayed afloat; however, one wasn’t so lucky. The ironic part of the kayak thing sinking was that it was named the Titanic. Every raft thing didn’t drown except for the Titanic. That raft went down pretty quick too, so all the other rafts were just paddling around it and laughing. It was pretty funny. I think I cried laughing…and maybe peed idk.

Moral of this blog, don’t make a canoe/kayak/raft/thing and name it the Titanic. It will sink.

Okay let’s actually start with Luke 5:1-11.

Our dude Jesus is out teaching people by a lake, and He decides to walk over onto one of the boats. I bet this scene was pretty sweet. Jesus is just on a boat speaking super loud and teaching people on shore. I’d come and watch for sure. It just sounds so majestic.

Then Jesus asks the fishermen to cast their nets in deeper water. Now these fishermen have been working all night, and they’re exhausted, but because they think highly of Jesus they go and do it. Jesus doesn’t need to be like, “Just Do It” and add a Nike swoosh at the end. The fishermen just blindly follow His lead.

The fishermen go and end up catching a lot of fish. No…I mean it…there’s a lot of fish at this point. I don’t even know if Seaworld could contain all the fish that these guys caught. There was so much fish that their nets began to break, so they asked their partner boat to give them a hand. Then both boats started to get filled with fish and the boats began to sink.

Have you ever had one of those super spiritual moments where you go all fan girl and you’re just like, “OH MAN JESUS I LOVE YOU AHHH LIKE I REALLY LOVE YOU MAN YOU’RE SO AMAZING AHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M GOING TO LISTEN TO CHRIS TOMLIN ALL NIGHT AHHHHHHHH!”

Well Peter, one of the fishermen, starts to have this moment. Except he wouldn’t listen to Chris Tomlin. He’d probably just jam to water noises and birds or something since they don’t have iPhones.

Peter ends up saying, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” I feel like that’s a pretty reasonable approach to feeling insignificant when you realize how significant Jesus truly is.

But Jesus ends by saying this, “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”

And then all of the fishermen pulled their boats filled with fish to shore, and leaves everything behind to follow Jesus.

Wait…hold up…these guys could have started their own aquarium with all the fish they caught! It could have been like Fisherworld or something like that. They had a fortune. They had money. But they gave it all up to follow Jesus? And what about their families and friends? And their responsibilities?

That’s true faith. Jesus had a different purpose in their lives. They weren’t supposed to be fishermen, instead they were called to be fishers of men.

So then…what is our purpose?

Do you feel like your purpose in life is to make money, have a nice job, support your family, gain lots of friends, and be successful?

Or do you feel like you have no purpose in life? Do you feel infinitesimal, inconsequential, minuscule, and insignificant? Do you feel like your life is a description of your failures and insecurities? Do you feel like you are the Titanic among the other canoe/kayak/raft/things, and your only purpose is to drown while others float by laughing? Or maybe you feel like your purpose is to drown yourself…literally…

If you’re in your life boats and cast your success nets out into the seas of trouble, your nets might just pull your boat under, and in doing so you might take other boats down with you. But when Jesus is in your boat, He’s not going to let you sink. He’s not going to let you drown. You’ll be able to bring your boat to shore.

I don’t know where you dudes are in life. I don’t know what is going on in your worlds, but I do know who should be the center of it. I do know a guy who knows you and loves you. You might feel like your drowning and in need of a savior. Jesus is that savior. Or you might feel like you’re on shore and don’t need Jesus, but you can’t figure out your purpose either.

Jesus is the purpose of life.

All of us have purpose. We were created with purpose. Jesus has prepared us with unique abilities to worship and serve Him in different ways, but humanity’s purpose is all the same. We are to love God with everything, and serve others with love. Our purpose is not found in our money, relations, success, or even failures. Our purpose is not found in ourselves. Our purpose is found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

Jesus can make our insignificance significant. He can turn our purposeless lives into a life filled with purpose.

And don’t worry about the Titanic. The canoe/kayak/raft/thingy may have sunk and gotten last, but it was really funny.

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Love you dudes, but more importantly, Jesus loves you dudes.


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