Stagnant Christians, Stagnant Enemies.

“But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Matthew 5:44 NIV)

So here’s a funny new word I found. Stagnant: (of a body of water or the atmosphere of a confined space) having no current or flow and often having an unpleasant smell (become stinky) as a consequence.

I started with a bible verse and a definition…pretty crazy right?

I was looking for new, great, and authentic Christian indie music. On my quest I discovered the song Brother by a band called Brilliance. The opening line starts with, “When I look into the face of my enemy, I see my brother.” Of course I paused the song and realized, “Well…time to blog”. (Blogging’s kinda my life right now…so you should seriously email me or something)

As Christians we tend to be haterz. <—- (you like that z? I’m trying to be “hip”) but seriously, there’s a lot of negativity that comes out of our mouths.
“ISIS SHOULD DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I have to admit, some of those statements have come out of my mouth, but something I’ve come to realize is why do I say these things? I blog about love everyday, and yet I can’t spread love to those I don’t like. Why do I continually hate people that are doing wrong when I myself do wrong in God’s eye?

Maybe instead of loving everyone for being people, we should start loving everyone for being family.

We all bear the same image. We all were created from God. We all are people. We all have struggles of our own. We all have stories that have shaped the person we are today.

And yet we slander each other with our mouths. We murder with our anger. We persecute our persecutors by killing them with our words.

I love to pray for my immediate family (mostly because they need a lot of prayer…). I want to start seeing the world as my immediate family, and pray everyday for them. Even if that means praying for my enemies. Even if that means praying for those I don’t like. Even if that means praying for those who speak harshly to me. Even if that means praying for those who kill my brothers and sisters.

I used the word stagnant as a picture. There has been a lack of prayer for our enemies, so they sit there. Nothing is changing them. No prayers have gone into molding their futures, so they sit there. Nothing is being done to help them. No love is being shown to them, so they sit there. They sit there and sit there and sit there, until they start getting stinky. They rot. They become even more rotten. And then we sit there. We let them do evil. We let them attack, and we sit there. We let them become angry. We let them damage the world, and we sit there. Until we start to become stinky. We start to rot. And nothing gets done.

If there are no prayers to be prayed, then there will be no prayers to be answered.

Don’t become stagnant. Don’t let your enemies become stagnant. Don’t rot. Don’t let your enemies rot. Don’t become stinky. Don’t let your enemies become stinky.

Stagnant Christians make stagnant enemies.

And yes. I love the word stinky.

Pray for your enemies. Ask God to change their hearts. Be lights in their world. Allow Jesus to do what He does best. And keep loving your family. Keep loving your immediate family. Keep loving the world. Never stop praying, and never stop loving.

Love you dudes, but more importantly, Jesus loves you dudes. Shoot me an email at I’d love to chat and talk about life and Jesus. Also follow our twitter @notofthenorm and like our facebook page Next week I start working at a camp, so blogging will be difficult. Keep on keeping on my brothers and sisters.


23 thoughts on “Stagnant Christians, Stagnant Enemies.

  1. Absolutely agree with this post. What does hating accomplish? Hate has never turned into anything positive. We as Christians have to stand out from the rest of the world and show the love this world needs. Part of my daily prayer life is to routinely ask for God to remove from me the qualities and characteristics that I naturally have that are displeasing to Him. I know I fall short sometimes, but I can feel growth every single day. If I look back ten years, I can see how my attitude has changed, how I love more and have less negativity. I pray for people such as those in ISIS because they truly know not what they do, nor do they know what they are in store for. I pray for them because I know their actions grieve God, and whatever grieves God grieves me as well.

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  2. Your word stagnant resonated with me, because it is easy to become stagnant in the Christian life. I wonder if that’s because we don’t want to go out on a limb for fear we will make a mistake, and not do what we are thinking about doing in the way God would have us do it. I am guilty of worrying that God won’t like my attempts to go beyond my preconceived boxes. Notice I said MY boxes. God does not put us into boxes – He wants us to fly for Him. He honors every single thing we do in His name, which includes pulling away from the status quo and stagnancy of hating people such as ISIS. It is so easy to hate what we know God hates, and think we are pleasing Him. On the other hand, He does not give up on any one person, He waits patiently until they come to Him. Perhaps we should do the same thing. PRAY and PRAY SOME MORE for our enemies. Thanks for letting me share. Carol Giles

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  3. Very thought provoking and an extremely funny post! This reminds me of when Jesus tells us what good does it do to just love those who love us because even sinners do that. But when we love our enemies then we’re really showing love and that we’re children of God (Luke 6:32-36). It’s a selfless, merciful type of love that forces us not to remain stagnant, or stinky! 😆😂

    Keep writing! God bless!!😊

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  4. This is certainly a conflicting topic because it strikes everyone every day and requires a whole lot of discipline and grace and prayer to put into action. Our pastor even suggested putting notes around the house to remind us. It also brings up the point that forgiveness does not mean forgetting, and it does not offer a blank slate to continue, which takes us to the number of times we are called to forgive…


  5. Reblogged this on Progressing Through Life and commented:
    I love honesty, transparency, and authenticity. These things bring humility into character, and along with faith, those aspects really shine when the Lord uses them for His glory. So far, everything I have read in this blog has been exactly that.

    Every post I read is a huge eye opening, convicting message that encourages, charges, and loves on it’s readers in a very real, upfront way. The bloggers don’t distance themselves from the audience like many including myself do; in the way they write, they make themselves incredibly relatable and point the glory to God.

    I’m grateful for the team over there and their true, authentic faith in our Lord God.

    I love what they said here, “Maybe instead of loving everyone for being people, we should start loving everyone for being family.

    We all bear the same image. We all were created from God. We all are people. We all have struggles of our own. We all have stories that have shaped the person we are today.

    And yet we slander each other with our mouths. We murder with our anger. We persecute our persecutors by killing them with our words.”

    There’s no way I can say it better than the author did.

    Read it here:

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  6. Thanks for the fantastic insight. This reminds me of James 1-2, particularly James 1:22 I believe. Something about being ‘doers’ and not just ‘hearers’ of the Word. But I never thought of using such a beautiful parallel with the word “stagnant” such as you did. Perhaps it’s time for me to stop being spiritually ‘stinky’.

    Anyways, thanks again for sharing.

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  7. You had me at authentic Christian indie music. I am always trying to find more of that, and I’ve found a couple good bands. Ryan Stevenson I like, and Echoing Angels (is?) are pretty good. Brilliance has only 8 (now nine with me) followers on Spotify, but who even cares? Their songs sound pretty great. 🙂 I love the way you put this though. Stagnant is a word that I use once in a while but never gave much thought to. Thanks for making me think a little more!

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