The Interests of Others.

When I was younger, I wasn’t the brightest…I used to live on the bottom of a very step hill. The hill wasn’t very long, but it was step. Most of the neighborhood kids would walk halfway up the hill and ride down. We used to have competitions to see how high we could go, but no one ever went to the top…unless you were me.

So there I was, little 10 year old Nicolas. I was probably the most prideful kid around. I wanted everyone to think I was the radest. I told my little buds that I was going to take my Razor scooter to the top, then ride down. I don’t know if you dudes remember this, but Wal-Mart used to sell those little 2-foot black skateboard ramps. Well I set mine up at the very bottom of the sidewalk, and decided that I was going to jump off the ramp on my way down from the top of the hill. Then everyone would see how super rad I was.

All the kids didn’t want me to do it. They thought it was too dangerous. One little girl kept saying, “NICOLAS YOU’RE GONNA DIE!” But I didn’t care.

So I started up the hill with my handy dandy Razor scooter, and my trusty black helmet that was decked out with Tony Hawk stickers. I gazed down the hill at the other kids. I gave them a thumbs up, then started riding.

To this very day I don’t remember exactly what happened…

All I know is that I went down that hill at an incredible rate. I had a little bit of speed wobbles, but I kept it under control. I was going so fast that I had tears in my eyes from the wind.

Then I hit the jump. As soon as I was in the air, I let go of the scooter. Kids say that I was flinging my arms and feet in the air, while doing a front flip. The ramp might have been 2 feet, but I traveled a good 30 yards before I finally crashed. You wanna know the best part? I cleared a nice soft patch of grass before landing in a yard full of little rocks.

And then I went unconscious.

It’s pretty funny how often I don’t take people’s advice. I tend to put my ideas in front others just to make myself look good. I want the outcome of my idea to bring glory to myself. I do it for my own agenda.

In Philippians 2:3 Paul says, “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

That’s a tough one for me. How am I supposed to look rad if I’m looking at the interests of others?

Let’s take a look at my example. If I looked at the interests of my neighborhood friends, what would have happened to me? Well…I probably wouldn’t have woken up with a bloody nose, bruises, and a pee stain…

This is how we should live. Count yourself less and others more. Look to the interests of others.

As a leader that can be pretty tough, but something I’ve learned is that sometimes…you aren’t always right. Other people’s ideas might be better than your own. Use the minds around, not just your own. Don’t make your plans seem the greatest, because sometimes it’s not…Be open minded, and take in what others have to say.

And look at the example Jesus gave us. Later on in Philippians 2 Paul says that Jesus emptied himself by taking on the form of a servant. Not only that but Jesus also humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death.

Humility is putting others in front of you. Not just there physical body, but their mental state as well. Humility is taking someone’s idea, and advancing it for God’s glory, rather than diminishing it. Humility is taking focusing on the interest of others and not just your own. Humility is being a servant.

(In the voice of the most interesting man in the world) “Stay humble my friends.”

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5 thoughts on “The Interests of Others.

  1. You collecting the next wave of disciples? If not, sounds like you should sign up for the post! You are both convincing and give facts to back your sermons (grin ;). At least you don’t try to be the hermit preacher on the mountain! Liked the article. Keep up the inspirational writing!
    Jeanette Hall

    Liked by 1 person

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