Decreasing Me, Increasing You.

I don’t know about you dudes…but I check the mirror a lot. I also check myself out in every reflection I can find. That includes windows, ponds, shiny refrigerators, and spoons. I’d love to sit here and give you every excuse in the book on why I look at myself constantly, but Katelyn (the girl I’m dating) will tell you it’s because I think about myself too much. Yeah I know right? She’s totally wrong.

But in all honesty, I probably look at my reflection, and wink at myself, a lot more than normal people do (funny how the blogsite’s name is “NotoftheNorm”) (Oh and don’t judge me k). That’s because I like to think about this world being all about me. You know, gotta look out for number 1, me, myself, and I, numero uno, etc, etc. I tend to love myself a little bit more than I should.

Loving yourself can become idolatry if you aren’t careful. This has something that has become true in my life. I’ve realized that I think about how I look more than I think about Jesus.

So lets go back to this mirror concept. When we look into the mirror who do we see? Naturally we tend to see ourselves.

What if every time we looked into the mirror, we saw Jesus? Well He does live inside of us…He is apart of our daily lives, even if you think He’s silent.

Maybe this is how we should start living. If our reflection is the image of God, then how would the rest of the world see us? If our image is the impression of Jesus, then how would our peers, coworkers, friends, and loved one’s describe us?

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making an appeal through us.” (2 Corinthians 5:20 NIV)

My boy Paul tells us that we are the ambassadors of Jesus, and that God works through us. We are how the world sees God. We are little Christs. The world looks at us and sees Jesus.

Our reflection replicates the image of God.

Some of you might ask, “well Nicolas, if the world looks at me and sees Jesus, how should I live?” Well let me tell you a good answer to that question dudes! (sorry that was a little bit lame, I thought it was cool, but whatevs)

Jesus must increase, and I must decrease.

That’s it. The answer to this whole blogpost. If we increase our love for Jesus, and decrease our love for ourselves, then we’ll start living a life that reflects Christ. We’ve gotta start putting Jesus first, others second, and us last. That’s how this whole being a servant thing works!

Become God-conscious, not me-conscious.

Live to serve God and others, not yourself.

And I’ll try to stop winking at myself so much. It’s pretty noticeable. Love ya dudes!


14 thoughts on “Decreasing Me, Increasing You.

  1. Looking into the mirror at our own selves can do wonders. Thank you for showing us the importance of self reflection. This is needed daily.

    Thank you for following our blog as well. Loving the Lord and embracing coffee is our passion as well. Looking forward to more connections soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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