Who’s To Blame?

Do you remember the excitement of a roadtrip? How stoked you were to finally get out of the house, and travel to unknown and exquisite places? The feeling of joy rushes through you faster than coffee through the mindless.

Now think about the ride home. The dreaded drive all the way back to reality.

Now imagine that drive home with water being dumped all over your car, a storm louder than screams from a dying human, and traffic that is moving slower than the electric carts at Wal-Mart.

And then imagine your car getting a flat tire. Yeah. Ruins a trip doesn’t it?

The youth group and I are stuck in the middle of downtown Chicago with a flat tire in a rainstorm. As the good chaperone that I am, I sat in the other van and had no clue what to do.

Why does God allow us to struggle?

This seems to be the question that the youth have asked the most. If God is good, then why are we stuck here?

The best response I had was…”I’m not God, so I don’t know why He popped our tire.”

And that’s when I started to think…it seems to me that everytime something bad happens, we tend to blame God. We through our hands in the air and scream out, “GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME” like it’s his fault.

We shouldn’t blame God for our problems and mistakes. We should blame ourselves.

I pictured God as a thug who slashed our tires for no reason. I pointed fingers at Him so I didn’t have to point them at me.

As humans, we never want to admit that we messed up, so we blame others for our problems. Some of us (like myself) even blame God. Truthfully, I could have checked the wheel for problems, and I could have put a spare tire in the van, but I didn’t.

We see ourselves as an ant, and God is the mean bully with the squirt gun.

Victimizing ourselves makes God seem like the enemy. God is not the bad guy. We are.

Sometimes the mishaps in our lives is our own faults. It’s okay to admit that we’ve messed up. God wants us to admit our flaws, and realize that He has no flaws. He wants us to lean on Him when we’re in trouble. Sometimes He allows trials in our lives so that we can create a dependency for Him.

We get upset at God because of our problems, but He just wants to comfort us.

In times of trouble, God will never leave you. So when you realized you made a mistake, run to Him.

Love ya dudes.


24 thoughts on “Who’s To Blame?

    1. “And that’s when I started to think…it seems to me that everytime something bad happens, we tend to blame God. We through our hands in the air and scream out, “GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME” like it’s his fault.” Deep bruh, very good words. God bless your talents & mentorship working with his youths!


  1. We’ve all been there! It is difficult to keep it all in perspective sometimes … especially when dealing with young people that always have the good questions! As a teacher at an all girls high school, I see this all the time.

    Also, we need to look more positively at God’s goodness at work in our lives. For example, the worn tire could be seen as our fault, but God in His goodness made certain that the flat occurred when the vehicle wasn’t traveling at a high rate of speed! Maybe the rain was provided to make certain that you would remember what happened? I don’t know, but I do know that it takes a shift in perspective to see God working for us and not against us … you know the whole “My ways aren’t your ways” type of thing!

    If you haven’t read Timothy Keller’s The Reason for God, I’d highly recommend it as Keller does a great job of dealing with these sorts of questions.

    Thanks for the post and for your work with the youth of our world!


  2. Sometimes the mishap is our fault, sometimes its the enemy, sometimes God intervenes and sometimes stuff just…happens. You are so right, so many of us mess up and try to hide from God, out of fear of retribution or shame. That is not who our God is at all, we need to run back to him every chance we get when we find ourselves off in the distance from him.


  3. If I was in Chicago, I’d come get you and put you up for the night if necessary… Sorry for the inconvenience, but I think that you can handle it =)
    Oh, and I’m a firm believer that the “reality” is not in the “coming back”, but rather in the moments that are truly life and life abundantly.
    Grace and peace


  4. Wow, so relevant in my life considering I just got a knee injury while worshiping at a 24/hr worship service last week! This is great wisdom. And I’d like to encourage you to not even blame yourself for most of the bad stuff that happens (I seriously don’t think you could’ve prevented getting a flat). Satan is just so desperate to nab us and steal us of our joy–I’m sure a lot of the youth in your group were having doubts or fears after that happened– that he will try anything to get a barrier between us and God (a silly flat tire). Thanks so much for sharing your story 🙂 Blessings from Oregon!


  5. That’s right, the Lord usually warns us but we don’t listen and then want to blame Him when problems occur smh… as usual I enjoyed your post.


  6. The Devil tempts us; God tests us. I like to tell my Sunday school charges to think of the idea that some of the situations we end up in are tests of our faith, with the overall goal of building us up. If we never endured tests, how would we truly be confident in who God is and who we are in relationship to God? How genuine would our praise be if we had never been delivered from something? Tests give us opportunities to grow. Good post! (Although the van situation definitely sounds like a drag, LOL…).


  7. God is good ALWAYS in contrast to the adversary is bad ALWAYS!! Many times it is our free will choices that put us in situations. Other times, it’s a trick of the adversary that gets us there, but regardless, God is always there to comfort and get us out! Thanks for the post!


  8. I needed to read this, Nicolas. I’ve been fighting a lot of apathy lately, and I think a lot of what I read here today will float around in my otherwise empty mind for a while. Thank you.


  9. Good one my brother; I have to use both hands and both feet but I can count the times a broken vehicle has set me into hurricane mode. And yes, I screamed at God more than once. When we will we ever learn, huh? Keep up the good work, God’s work.

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  10. Sometimes, a flat tire happens because a sharp object punctures the tread. Or because the tread life has worn thin to the point of rupture. If we try and contemplate a spiritual meaning to circumstances that have a simple explanation, we can leave ourselves open to a plethora of conclusions, none of which connect with reality.


  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, dude! Sometimes the only answer is, We live in a fallen world and haven’t gone to the perfect heaven yet! But you have it right, that we are to aim for Christlikeness in all that we do. The glory of God is to be revealed in us so the world can see Him. ‘Cause how else will they see Him?

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  12. I honestly don’t know about God. My uncle carried on how people ask God but never say thank you to him. I faced him down cuz I always say Thank You, even if it is qualified by “for once” or “It’s about time.” Bad stuff I usually consider a lesson, but I have occasionally said, “Why me?” My favorite prayer is “Cut me a break, God. Just this once.” He hardly ever does, but I am cool with Him. I have changed lots of tires in Chicago weather.


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