For the One We Love (Giving Everything Part 3).

Our Hero is beaten. Broken for the ones He came to save. The cross stands firm, taking the breath out of our Savior. The soldiers are laughing. They begin to gamble Jesus’ garments. The viewers are astonished and horrified at the scene. They look up at the sign that reads, “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews”. They look around and notice that His followers are missing. An aura of death, pain, and suffering fills the atmosphere. The air is stenched with the blood and fluid that seeps from Jesus’ wounds. The weight of every man’s sin crushes Him. He’s trying to withstand the boulder of humanity’s consequences, while balancing His own suffering due to the cross.  His body is about to give up, and with one last scream, He shuts His eyes. Our Hero has died. 

Jesus is let down from the cross. There are holes in His hands, His feet, and His side. His hands ooze with blood. His feet rot of a smell that sticks in your nose for weeks. His side has a hole the size of a spear, and disgusting liquid stains His body. Jesus is wrapped with linen, and carried to His tomb. 

Jesus lays there, dead and alone. His tomb is sealed by a boulder, and soldiers stand outside. The room is dark and damp. There seems to be no light. There’s a little light peeking through the cracks of the tomb, but it’s not enough. The darkness seems to crush the power of the minuscule light.  The light of the world surrounded by utter darkness. The flame has died down to a match, and the tomb kills the fire. The dark makes the room feel like complete nothingness. 

Then it happens. An earthquakes shakes the tomb. The earth rumbles. The ground screams a displeasurable grunt.  The guards run away in fear as the boulder begins to move. The climax of human existence has started. Light conquers the darkness within the tomb. The sacrifice was complete. Jesus has defeated the impossible. The grave could not hold our hero. A cross could not kill our hero. The pain of every sin could not stop our hero. Jesus rose. He beat every impossibility. Jesus immeasurably conquered His foe. His whole purpose in life had been accomplished. 

Jesus gave up everything for everyone. 

Jesus loves you, and I know that’s overused, but He does. He loves you so much that He took your pain and suffering from you. He loves you so much that He was murdered unfairly for you. He loves you so much that He conquered the impossible for you. He loves you so much that He made you. He made you who you are for a reason. There’s nobody else who can glorify God the way you do. You’re unique. You’re different. You’re unlike any other person. Jesus loves your individuality so much that He gave you gifts and talents to use. Whatever you specialize in, do it for the glory of God. Do it to serve and love people. Step out of your comfort zone and do what is right. Stand up in front of the crowd and shout Jesus’ name. 

Jesus died for you, so what are you doing for Him?

The story of Easter is not a fairy tale. It’s the most climatic event in human history. There’s has never been a more exciting time in the existence of the earth. 

Jesus took what we deserve and gave up everything for the ones He loved. 

And He did it all for you. 

We have nothing to gain and everything to lose for the one we love. 


6 thoughts on “For the One We Love (Giving Everything Part 3).

  1. AMEN!!!!!! If more people allowed themselves to be filled with the love of Jesus Christ imagine how this world would be. Each day I try to remind myself of just what you said in your post–Jesus died for me, so what can I do for Him today?? Not just Sunday, every day. I love Easter for what it stands for. Great post!

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