Free Indeed

So, I was in church today, and may have been writing this during the sermon (sue me) but the message today struck me. Not because it’s Easter, but the whole concept of this sermon was awesome.

Typically, we go to church expecting to hear a regular Easter message on the crucifixion, resurrection and life of Jesus Christ. Today, we heard a message on “getting well.”

Why wouldn’t we talk about the Easter message?

Hundreds of new people sat in our congregation, waiting and listening for the Easter message. They’d heard it many times before, but they find out that today we aren’t talking about Easter. We’re talking about getting well.

Yes, today is Easter. It’s a day for celebration and remembrance of Jesus dying a terrible death for us to overcome our sins. But more than that, today is a day of freedom. We are free from the bondage of sin. Our sins do not hold us back, and our God is better than every struggle in our lives.

Champion: someone who overcomes even the hardest struggles

Jesus Christ is the champion of champions. The warrior of warriors, and He is bigger than any struggle.

Our sin results in going to Hell. Eternally separated from God, and never seeing Heaven– never seeing God.

But Jesus is our payment. Sometimes we think we are free but all of our sins weigh us down and we become defeated by our sins & struggles.

We are no longer slaves to sin. We are conquerors, and champions.

Think about this today as you are in church or with your familys searching for Easter eggs and eating dinner with loved ones.


6 thoughts on “Free Indeed

  1. Christ’s death symbolizes our own death to sin and His resurrection brings us the hope of a new life where we abide in Him and He abides in us and we bear the true purpose of our existence through obedience to God. Only possible when we fearlessly face our sin and repent and surrender our lives to God. This Easter my glory is in Christ and the work He has begun in my own life which He has promised to completely. Hallelujah and praise to God for His awesome love that reaches out to us.

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