The Champion.

We’re half way into the 12th round the champ is down. His body is broken and is bleeding profusely. His corner wants him to throw in the towel but he won’t. The champ is on his hands and knees.Blood and sweat is hitting the floor. Struggling to get on his feet, he’s using every ounce of strength left in him to stand back up. The crowd is roaring. Those who were once cheering for him are now booing him. They want to see him hit the mat. The ref keeps counting, ”6, 7, 8, 9…” Hold on, he’s up. He got back up before the ten count. His supporters are in shock. They’re standing on the edge of their seats.

He limps to his enemy, but he’s slow, he’s hurt. The fight goes on. Oh-no, the champ is continuing to take blows. His guard isn’t as strong as it was. He is being bombarded by jabs and hooks to the body. Boom, the champ just got hit with a thunderous left hook! He is down again. His body bounces off the mat. This might be it. He doesn’t look like he’s getting back up.

He looks like he’s dead. His body lays there like he is being pinned by every sin of the world. I think this is it ladies and gentlemen. The ref looks like he’s going to call it. No, wait, the champ is rising! Oh my gosh, he’s up. This man just rose from the dead! The crowd is going wild! The champ looks rejuvenated. What is going on? Both fighters are now interchanging blows. The champ is pressing forward with 20 seconds left in the last round. He’s landing blows. He lands a left, a right, and oh, he just landed a massive upper cut to the chin. His opponent is down. The ref is counting, “5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.” The fight is over ladies and gents. The champ has won, the champ has won! He is still the king, he still reigns! He stands victorious! This man has risen from the dead and defeated his opponent. It’s a miracle. What a memorable day in boxing!

As you go into this holy week remember what was written in our history. We have a champ that defeated his opponent. A man whose body was broken. A man who beat all the odds. This man is our champion Jesus Christ, our savior. Jesus took blows for me and you, was crucified, and then rose from the grave (Luke 22:63) (John19:1) (Mark 16:9). He rose from the dead, victorious, standing high over his defeated enemy. Jesus defeated death. He holds the championship belt. Our king reigns.


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