The Problems with Families Today.

Family: a group consisting of children and parents living with one another in a household; the one thing everyone needs. That is simply not the case any more. The typical U.S family has desperately changed in a lot of ways sense the 90’s. The average family of the 90’s consisted of two parents and one to four children with good family values. Unlike the average family of today, which isn’t the best. There are so many things that have changed. In this first paragraph I’ll be explaining one issue about these families. The first thing wrong with these families is the fact that they don’t eat together. The 90’s families always ate dinner together. Even my family eats dinner together every night. Families who eat together stay together. Now what the family of today does for dinner is either make dinner, grab a plate and go watch T.V or hang out by themselves. Doing this causes dysfunction within the family as a unit. Bonds between family members become increasingly distant. Emotional distance within a family can cause a lack of love, which is needed to grow.

My second issue with the families of today is the fact the kids are becoming more and more disobedient, and the fact that every one in five marriages end in divorce. The fact that divorce happens more and more nowadays makes me so angry. The reason being is it means that people aren’t fully involved in their marriage or they are taking each other for granted. Plus they are causing the family to split, which makes it increasingly difficult on the children. In turn, it causes even more disobedience from the children. The third problem I have with the families is the fact that they don’t take time to sit and pray together and help each other through things. All families should pray as a family in my opinion. My family takes time most days to sit down with one another and just pray through things. If families don’t do this they are missing out on important time with one each other.

To prove my point I have a story to tell about prayer in my family. Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. We were told that she might not make it and they were not sure how long she had. I was 17 at the time, and I was a huge mama’s boy. Hearing this was devastating to me. I quit praying to the Lord and blamed him for this. I remember thinking, “how could you do this to me, Lord? You can’t take my mother away from me.”

A week later at church my mentor Josh asked me if was praying. I replied, “no; why would I pray to a god that is trying to take my mother away from me?” He said, “why wouldn’t you? The Lord is doing something with this situation. You need to pray the Lord has a plan Jerad and he needs you in it.” I will never forget what he told me next, he said, “Jerad have you ever heard of P.U.S.H.?”

P.U.S.H.-Pray Until Something Happens

Hearing that filled me with overwhelming hope and I prayed constantly. I prayed everyday all day that the Lord would heal my mother. A few weeks later my mother was getting a cat scan at the University of Michigan. When the doctors saw the results they were blown away. The tumor was gone! They were so surprised that they scanned her again and the results were the same. The tumor was gone! They did a couple more tests and they told us that she’s the picture of health, that she has a long life ahead of her. Hearing that news gave me so much faith and happiness.

Ever since that situation happened to my family we sit and pray together at every dinner on every night, regardless where we are. Our family grows every day because of our praise to the Lord. Families that pray together stay together. The families of the generation have changed for the worst sense the 90’s. Now I’m not trying to be one of those guys that says everything was better in the 90’s but I’m just stating that things have changed a lot in families nowadays. I encourage you to pray and do your part to make a difference.


9 thoughts on “The Problems with Families Today.

  1. A few things. One I didn’t take this as you saying everything is was better in the 90’s it sounded more like you were saying you have the only family that has it figured out and everybody should strive to be as perfect as you. Two some families don’t always eat together including mine but the TV is hardly ever on and it doesn’t hurt our family in the least bit. Three some families don’t pray together because they don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t make them a bad family or mean they will get divorced, and finally I would check your facts before posting this stuff as published in NYT in 2014, “About 70 percent of marriages that began in the 1990s reached their 15th anniversary (excluding those in which a spouse died), up from about 65 percent of those that began in the 1970s and 1980s. Those who married in the 2000s are so far divorcing at even lower rates. If current trends continue, nearly two-thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce, according to data from Justin Wolfers, a University of Michigan economist (who also contributes to The Upshot).: The divorce rate is declining which is encouraging as my wife and I don’t regularly pray together and we don’t always eat together and we are going to be celebrating our 11th anniversary this year.

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    1. I really appreciate your comments and your in put and I’m sorry you took it that my family is perfect and everyone should be like us. That was not my point and I’m sorry again that it sounded that way. And I like the research you did I honestly really appreciate it:) also congrats on the 11th anniversary!:) and blessings!! I just want to point out that biblical family values are something that families should better strive for and that’s not saying that all families aren’t there’s just always room for improvement and family pray is thing to encourage. And thank you again for your input it’s much appreciated and sorry for the misconception:)

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      1. It’s your blog and you should be able to write what you want. My bad day should not be taken out on you and for that apologize. Normally I try to consider my comments and how they will sound and I didn’t even pause because of a crappy day. All in all I really do enjoy your blog.


  2. Change is the only constant. There’s plenty of things to be upset by in the world, especially with families. Remember, families are made up of people – broken people. Is it really any wonder that families have issues – given that these are people who are related to each other and live under the same roof. I see similar problems and worse when I read the Old Testament. The problem is not that there are problems – problems are natural and a life. We could focus a lot of attention on problems. Or we could focus on how we can go living. Prayer is certainly a good component of that. I think one other thing is to relinquish control over what family should look like and ask ourselves, what do we want family to be (or even better – what is God calling our family to be) and then start allowing ourselves to be changed by God to fill that vision.

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