The Line Leader and The Marathon Runner.

“If we live by the Spirit, let us also keep in step with the spirit.” (Galatians 5:25 ESV)

If I were to picture God as an athlete, I’d put Him as a marathon runner. He’s like the energizer bunny, just keeps going on…and on…and on. He never seems to stop. He’s constantly creating new blessings, new stories, and new things to discover (what kind of athlete would you picture God as? Comment bellow!).

I run Cross Country in college, so I know a little bit about running. I wish I knew more so I wouldn’t get last place all the time…but in XC when someone goes down in a race, no one is going to stop and help you. If you’re down, sucks, because I’ve got a race to finish. Usually I’m the one on the ground though…not because I’m clumsy. Everyone’s always out to get me…pushing me, tripping me, untying my shoes…

If you want to win a race in Cross Country, you always have to keep the same pace as the leaders. Your endurance has to match and compete with everyone else’s. Then at the end it all depends on how much gas you have left. That last stretch decides who’s the winner, and who’s the loser.

But God’s different. He’s the best marathon runner in the world, but he’ll always stop to help you up. He never leaves you in the dust. He’s always there to reach out and pull you in. He’s like the coach who helps you keep in step with Him.

In order to keep in step with the spirit, we have to keep in step with our lives. Every time you fall, get back up.

Don’t give up on God, because He’s not giving up on you.

In the Greek language, this verse could also mean, “walk in line behind a leader.”

I used to volunteer at an elementary school as an assistant P.E. teacher. When children are in line they seem to get distracted very easily. The goal of the line is to stay in order, and follow the teacher so that the line can move forward; but kids don’t seem to get it. Some of them will talk, others will wander off, a few will stop to pick their nose, and a couple will eat what they’ve found.

If God was our line leader would we be able to stay in line? I don’t think I would all the time. I’m human…sometimes I gotta get that booger out of my nose. I don’t believe any of us would stay in line at all times.

But the beauty of God’s line is that He waits for us. His line never continues to move forward without us. We may get distracted, but He will always wait for us to come back. We may wander off, but God won’t flip your card from green to red (my card was constantly flipped, so I understand the pain).

God is leading us, and we are supposed to follow. God isn’t like the line leader, He is the line leader. We are not the leaders of His line.

Continue following God, continue seeking to keep in step with the spirit, and continue following behind God in His line.


8 thoughts on “The Line Leader and The Marathon Runner.

  1. The Bible also talks about knowing yourself, knowing the path. Get rid of the stumbling blocks, know if you’re carrying needless weights that slow you down, keep your eyes on Jesus Who has run the race before us. Press on for the prize. Run to win.

    I enjoyed your blog. Good stuff. “)


  2. Having run 11 marathons and 12 half marathons, I certainly get the notion of God as a marathon runner and I think it’s very accurate. I have a little different twist on the notion though. I agree that God would help you up when you fall. And God runs with you through “the wall” that’s for sure. There’s a whole lot praying from mile 17-22. But God doesn’t just run the marathon. God is also the marathon organizer. God knows the route, and at the end of the marathon, you get a finishing medal – not because of the time you completed the marathon in, or how hard you ran or anything like that. Instead, God determined that everyone who finishes God’s marathon on the route gets a medal. It’s not a perfect analogy, but it works.

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    1. Dude that’s amazing! I love it! I’ve been in XC for 5 years, but I’ve only run one half. It was fun, but super hard. I did it in 1:35:00. I think I’ll stick with my 10k races until after college. 😅

      Thanks for the awesome analogy!


  3. “God is the line leader” In the Ancient Near East way of doing things, the Shepherd (line leader) always was in front of his sheep leading them. This is opposite of how we Westerners think of Shepherding (line leading). We drive the sheep from behind. I’m not exactly sure how this applies to your “line leader” comments but I think there is a point there somewhere. As Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and follow me.”

    And keep up the running. Five marathons, several half’s and a bunch of other just good running under my belt so far. I continue to find it a great analogy for our walk (run?) with God.

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