Meet The NOTN Crew: Eric Gilkes


I figure the best way to introduce myself is by expressing my love for God. My goal in life is to reach the most amount of people possible for the cause of Christ. I mess up, I lie, and I disobey God all the time. For a long time I let my sins get ahold of me and drag me down into depression. I found a loving God who doesn’t care about my past and my problems, he cares about Me and my life. Serving God for me has gone from being a duty, to being a passion. I put my Faith in God at a young age, but I didn’t start actively showing it and making my Faith my own until I got older.

I figured out that a life lived for Christ is never wasted.

God has brought me from living like the world and conforming to everything I could in high school just to accepted and loved by the people I care about, to being apart by God and realizing my life needs to reflect him.

Hobbies: Art, Photography, Piano/Guitar, Exploring, Creating.

My family has been the greatest influence in my life, always encouraging me to pursue my dreams and my goals; even when I give them the craziest ideas I can think of. It took me the longest time to realize that God blessed me with an amazing family. I want to encourage you guys that even though family life can be rough, God gave you that family for a reason.

In the past, my Faith has wavered between following God, and following the desires of my heart. Nowadays I’ve come to realize how amazing God is and how fulfilling living for him can be. I don’t go without struggles though; I have crap happening all the time. I fall back into the same sins and beat myself up for them overtime it happens. Thankfully, I have a God who’s Grace is never ending, and is always forgiving. Nowadays, I’m living my life in college, pursuing a Biblical Ministry degree, and a Photography degree, meeting amazing people, and eating way too much junk food.

Feel free to talk with me šŸ™‚


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