Meet the NotN Crew: Nicolas Brown

Hey dudes! So since I am the founder of NotoftheNorm, I thought I’d be the first to write my testimony out! My life was a little crazy, so try to stay caught up! This might be the story of my life, but I’m not the main character, God is. This is His story of me told in my own eyes.

I was born around the Orange County area in California. At the time I was the cutest, nicest, most wonderful kid you would have ever met.


My parents separated when I was 5, and I moved to Oregon when I was 8.

My friends brought me to their church’s kids program, so I had a little bit of Jesus in me. I mainly just went because they had free food. It wasn’t until 8th grade when I started attending a youth group and learning more about who God was.

The first years of high school were pretty bad for me. I was an idiot. I was prideful, arrogant, and mostly cared about my status. Jesus was a tool to gain twitter followers for me. At church I was the perfect little Christian kid, but at school I was somebody else. I was fake.

I went through a lot of crap in high school. It started with girls, then drugs, and continued with picking my drunk friends up from parties, and watching them puke all over my front seat. I also wasn’t very successful in my school work. I kinda just slid through high school with okay grades. I had a lot of friends, but I was a loser. A lot of stuff went down during those years, but I don’t want this blog to be a giant biography about how terrible my life was before Jesus.

To be honest, life was fun, but the fun never lasted. I was constantly creating a dependency for happiness. The tools I used in my toolbox for joy were only able to fix part of my depression.

I was like a boat sailing on the seas of trouble. I would drown myself in the sorrows of self pity, and I had a cloud of insecurity pouring storms of guilt down on me. But in the darkest of nights, I found my lighthouse. Now I have God’s boat to save me from the waters. I have the anchor of Jesus to keep me steady. And I have the sails of the Holy Spirit to steer me in the direction that He wants me to go. My boat sets sail with a new light guiding its paths, and even though the waters are still rough, my lighthouse still shines brighter.

I’m currently going to school for pastoral ministries. I love people, public speaking, coffee, writing, my girl Katelyn, and talking about Jesus. I say dude way to much.  I’m always here to listen, and if you’d love to connect please contact me at @thenicolasbrown or


17 thoughts on “Meet the NotN Crew: Nicolas Brown

  1. So happy to see you have found your Anchor! I pray that God blesses you and uses your past as a tool and encouragement to help others and be a light for Him!

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  2. Thank you for your expressed like on my 0048 – appreciated; although it’s usually the Venusians who respond to mine – not a lot of males pop in or appear to “pop in”- and by the way you are most welcome to “pop in” although again, I certainly don’t seek approbation. Nevertheless, I must consider that my blag has amused you to an extent and if that is the case, then I am happy and I sincerely thank you.

    Of course and you’ve probably guessed.; I’m not religious or at least I’m by no means attracted to the spiritual aspects of religions – not that I am in anyway shape or form against them – far from it. I was raised very formally under that awesome banner of RC’ism (and that’s NOT “racism” by the way) and under Iron Jesuitical education and am very grateful for it. I may not have walked away with JC in my heart but I certainly did exit and exited armed to the teeth where a solid foundation of education was concerned – and one can’t hope or wish for more than that when one steps naked into the world at aged 18 – can one!

    Good luck to you – Cheers ~ ‘ter

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      1. Yes well, much as I appreciate your kind offerings, you and I are actually birds of different feathers – you look to find God and I, for myself, am more than convinced that God knows exactly where I am and, whenever he feels like it, He will find me – of that I am certain. So thanks but no thanks.

        And here’s one I do hope you will find amusing.

        A man of good heart, having adequately served his time on Earth finds that it is time to go and as luck would have it, ascends to those Pearly Gates. Peter is there to meet and greet.

        “Hello,” says the guardian on the Gates, “welcome and we do hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us. Soon you will be introduced to the Boss but first allow me to give you the guided tour. Everyone is given the tour when they arrive, so please sit back, fasten your seat belts and of course if you wish, take notes as you feel appropriate.

        Then the man is whisked effortlessly throughout all the suburbs of Heaven.

        “Over there to our left,” continues Peter, “you’ll note condominiums in various shades of Lavender and that is where the Jews and Muslims live and we are proud to say, live in perfect harmony. Then over there, can you see those orange condominiums, yes, good; well very brands of Protestant Christians dwell. Uhm let’s see, oh yes, over there, those elegant pink condos, that’s where the Buddhists live: ah yes can you see those lurid bright green flashing lights over there, heh heh, just God’s little joke and a little reminder to them. A reminder which continually flashes 24 hours a day and letting them know just exactly who was right after all. That’s where we keep the Atheists.”

        “Wonderful,” our new arrival responds, “”but uhm, that big grey wall over there, It’s massive; it must be 5 miles high. What is it?”

        “Ah yes,” Peter smiles, “I forgot about that, heh heh. We keep the Roman Catholics behind that wall. Well we had to; they think they’re the only ones up here!!”

        Cheers ~ ‘ter
        ps ~ keep your eyes peeled for 0049 – I think it will amuse you – will put it up later


      2. Well maybe God is using me to tell you that He wants you to start looking for Him! Whatever you believe is cool, just keep being a rad guy! Thanks for your awesome comments!


  3. Hey, I’ve just thought of something – you really ought to look at my 0040 MDG INTERLUDE 22 WEDDING AT CANA.

    I wouldn’t normally do this, I mean I wouldn’t normally try and push someone to read anything I had written – but in your case I think it could be appropriate – it might give you some insight into my family – who we are!! And, hopefully, make you laugh in the process.

    By the way, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your kind use of that word “rad” – I had never heard of it before but I have now looked it up:

    High praise indeed and in some ways you’re not far from the truth – I’m very lazy and rarely put effort into anything I do.

    I salute and thank you – Cheers ~ ‘ter


  4. Hi, Nicolas! Thanks for stopping by my site. I’m glad you did so we could meet. You’re awesome! I like what you share and how you share it – open, honest, transparent, real, and you have great dude style. 🙂 Praise that where you’ve been led to where you are now. I hope you thrive in your studies. God has great things in store for you. Just keep givin’ it up for Him!

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  5. thanks for being open to share your story. Just curious what were the “darkest nights” that got you to turn back to God (“Heavenly Father”-just like the Prodigal Son story) if your open to share? Awesome share and may you continue to grow in Him no matter what challenges you face ahead Your not alone brother, so feel free to contact me for any prayer requests or ways I can encourage you “dude” ! 😉


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