The Abandoned God.

The modern church has a problem. We, unfortunately, have many problems, but the one i would like to address here is our problem with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has been, forgotten, abandoned, and repressed. How can we as followers of christ muffle the Spirit who He has given to us?

Matthew 28:20 says, “…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

I believe that this verse is Jesus talking about the Holy Spirit and how He is going to be with us always. At the time his disciples didn’t understand what he was talking about. They didn’t know that Jesus was telling them really important news about what was to come.

This reminds me of how we as Christians today forget how rad the Holy Spirit is and how important He is to our day to day lives.

Acts 1:5 says, “for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.”

Jesus is clear in this verse that the Holy Spirit will come upon us believers. He contrasts the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the baptism of water. Baptism with water is just an earthly sign and proclamation of faIth in Christ, but baptism with the Holy Spirit is powerful, transformative, healing, and life changing.

The problem with the church today is we abandon this amazing gift from god.

We become scared to let the spirit lead us because we think it will make us look to “radical” or too “crazy”

The modern church has forgotten the power and awe of the Holy Spirit, even though we have many clear examples of how life changing the Holy Spirit is in the New Testament. we forget how truly blessed we are in this age. In the past the only people who had the Holy Spirit were a few select people and only for a certain time. In the present we have the Spirit with us if we follow Christ and He is not going to leave us. When we forget this fact we end up falling into a state of thinking in which we believe we have to handle everything alone. The Holy Spirit was sent to us to help us and lead us. If we don’t let Him guide us we will quickly become overwhelmed with sin.

We know that the Holy Spirit is powerful, He is literally God inside of us. How can we abandon Him? Why are we so scared to let him take control of our life? Im not better than anyone else and this is still an issue that i am working through but i just want to encourage you. Lets remember who the Spirit is and what his role is in our lives.

My prayer for us is to invite the Holy Spirit to be known through us, to continue loving people and sharing the good news of Jesus.


14 thoughts on “The Abandoned God.

  1. Go to any Christian book store, you’ll see thirty-five feet of shelf space devoted to books about the Rapture, or the AntiChrist, or how evil the Roman Catholic Church is, but only about three or four books about the Holy Spirit.

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    1. I just had the same thought while reading this. It is society that has turned peoples back to the love of Christ. They have been “brainwashed” to believe that material items and money are the only things they need to make them happy and live fulfilled lives. It’s so sad.

      I say, leave me with my Bible, my faith, and my church, I’ll be ok. I won’t need other material items nor boat loads of money. For He will provide for me.

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  2. You really hit the “nail on the head”. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as a comforter and teacher so that we could be vehicles for the Holy Spirit to carry on the work of salvation in the world. So what does that say about contemporary Christianity that there is so little focus on listening to, speaking from, trusting in and living within Spirit?

    I think a lot of the fear comes from us not trusting the Holy Spirit within us – AND not trusting our own minds. How do we know it’s the HOLY Spirit and not some other spirit? How can we trust something so abstract? I think the Church, collectively through its history, has done a lot to cause individuals to be distrusting of this inner voice.

    Along with this fear, I also think that many are uncomfortable with His message. His teachings in our hearts and minds today are no less radical than Jesus’ teachings two thousand years ago. Do we believe Him? Do we accept His vision of Peace, Love and Joy? Will we allow will to be conformed to His?

    As you pointed out – not only are we afraid to trust Him and our own minds, it’s a matter of control. We’re the ones driving this ship, right? If we let Him in, don’t we have to concede control? Our egos still think they know better and instead of inviting Him in to every thought and decision, we make up our own minds and then come to Him when things are messed up! As with so many things we try to do from our fallen perspective, we do it backwards.

    I think the Church is no exception on many fronts, but that’s a discussion for a later date!

    Finally, I wonder: do we believe we DESERVE to be home to Him? Not only do we distrust Him and are wary to concede control, we don’t even think we deserve to BE home to Him! Once again, I think the Church has responsibility in this. I grew up in and out of several churches which only sought to show how wretched we are. On the contrary, the living, Holy Spirit within us shows us how wonderful we are and Who we should identify with!

    Sorry – as usual, I can’t just write a simple comment without writing a book!

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    1. Thanks for the comment man. I really appreciate it and I totally agree with what you have said. I think we all just need to pray more and focus more on what really matters in an age so full of distractions.


  3. Amen, we all need the holy spirit to dwell within us, to help us when we fall and to guide our foot steps. Our relationship with God needs to get stronger so he will bless us with his precious holy spirit.


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